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    Basic information for substance abuse counselors including history, models and theories of substance abuse, and the psychological, biological, social, and spiritual effects on the addicted person and family members.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: None
    Prevention models for substance use, abuse, and dependence, with consideration of the needs of various groups.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: CD101
    Ethical codes for professional counselors and substance abuse counselors that inform and shape the conduct of those who provide services. The ethical decision-making process is applied to case studies.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisite: PS102, CD101
    Introduction to case management, including service coordination, ethical implications, and documentation of the therapeutic process.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisites: CD101, CD212, Junior standing, Psychology Major
    The effects of prescription medications and drugs of abuse. Proper use of prescription drugs as part of the recovery process, and drugs for mental and emotional disorders of dual-diagnosis clients.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisites: CD101; Psychology or Substance Abuse major, Junior standing, or instructor’s permission.
    Theories of counseling, with the Twelve Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor. Case studies are used to develop treatment plans.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisites: CD101, PS102
    Group counseling techniques and dynamics, with issues related to the counselor’s countertransference. Opportunities for self-exploration and self-awareness.
    Offered: Spring, even semester Prerequisite: CD321
    Abnormal behavior from various theoretical perspectives, including analysis of causation of behavioral abnormality and methods of therapy.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: SO101, PS311

For help with declaring a minor or certification, please contact the University Registrar’s Office. Students changing majors, may consider using coursework from the previous major toward one of these programs. Guidelines for minors and certifications may be found in the Academics section of the Traditional Undergraduate Catalog, under “Additional Program Options.”

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