Why Theology and Ministry at OCU?

Three things make OCU’s Theology and Ministry department unique:

  • Our commitment to Scripture. We believe that the Bible is God’s word—not merely a collection of human words—and that it is authoritative and without error in all that it means to say. For this reason, we study Scripture deeply so that we can proclaim it faithfully to the world.
  • Our passion for holiness. We believe that God not only calls believers to be holy; he also empowers us to be holy by his Holy Spirit who dwells in us. We stand in the Wesleyan-Arminian theological tradition, and while we welcome students from all Christian traditions, we have a distinctively Wesleyan optimism about the power of God’s grace to transform human lives.
  • Our heart for the church. We have a deep love for the church and see everything that we do as being in service to the church. Our faculty are not ivory-tower scholars but pastor-theologians who research, write, preach, and teach in order to prepare the next generation of leaders for the church.
Caleb T. Friedeman

Caleb T. Friedeman
David A. Case Chair of Biblical Studies, Associate Research Professor of New Testament

Gerald Mershimer

Gerald Mershimer
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries

Benjamin Williamson

Benjamin Williamson
Associate Professor of Theology

The Most Affordable Christian Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 2022

The Most Affordable Christian Bachelor’s Degree Programs

BA in Biblical Studies (on-campus)
BA in Biblical and Theological Studies (online)
BA in Christian Ministry (on-campus)
BA in Global Missions (on-campus, online)
BA in Student Ministries (on-campus)
BA in Leadership and Ministry (on-campus)
BA in Worship Leadership (on-campus)

Total cost is $28,319 below the state average for similar programs!

Ohio Christian University delivers flexibility, affordability, and academic excellence through its outstanding selection of Christian bachelor’s degrees. Students here enjoy a Christ-centered learning environment that boasts plenty of personal interaction through a low, 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Interested in taking your degree one step further? Add a minor in biblical studies, Christian ministry, global missions, or student ministry.

  • Options to personalize your program by adding a minor in biblical studies, Christian ministry, global missions, or student ministry

2022, March 9.  2022: The Most Affordable Online and Campus-Based Christian Bachelor’s Degree Programs in America.  ChristianMinistry.EDU.  https://christianministryedu.org/editors-picks/most-affordable-christian-bachelors-degree-programs/


Theology and Ministry Degree Programs


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Operation Mobilization

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