Follow Christ, Lead the Way
Student Information
Pledge of Adherence to Christian Culture at OCU

Ohio Christian University is an evangelical Christian-based institution that teaches and adheres to the Wesleyan tradition. The university seeks to promote academic, social, and spiritual growth through an integrated community of Christian faith. With this mission in mind, please respond to the following question:

A personal relationship with Christ and faith in the Word of God should create behavior displaying His authority in our lives. Christian Character traits such as the Fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) should be exhibited by members of the OCU community. The OCU community is designed to develop relationships of influence between peers that seek to foster real change and encourage selfless daily choices. The Holy Spirit creates an attitude of compassion in our lives that compels us to minister faithfully to the needs of others. Please respond to the following:


Prior to the start of class, I agree to have read the OCU Student Handbook. I understand and agree to conduct myself in accordance with these established standards and any changes as they occur, as long as I am enrolled in classes at Ohio Christian University.