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  • Ohio Christian University is a residential campus that believes in the many benefits derived from living in a University Residence Hall. Therefore, all single students under the age of 21, maintaining at least 9 credit hours per semester, which are not living with immediate relatives, are required to live in University provided housing.
  • It is strongly advised that a student does not commit to a lease for an apartment/house without prior approval to live off campus. Should an off-campus housing request be denied, a student may be committed to or required to break a lease. No student under the age of 21 will be permitted to live off campus without their parent/guardian unless granted special permission from the Dean of Students.
  • Permission is often granted to those interested in commuting if they meet the following conditions:
    • You are commuting from a parent/guardians home within 30 miles from OCU
    • You are not on academic, social, or spiritual formation probation.
    • You are 21 years of age or older
    • Other special considerations include:
    • If you do not turn 18 within your first semester
    • If you are 28 or older before the start of the semester
    • If you are married
    • Incomplete forms will result in denial of your application request.
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By signing, I acknowledge that I am an Ohio Christian University student in good academic and spiritual standing. In addition, I understand that as an off-campus student I am required to maintain my commitment to OCU and all of its guidelines including academic standing and the Student Handbook. I also understand that failure to conduct myself in accordance with these guidelines may result in immediate forfeiture of my privilege to live independent from OCU Residence Halls.