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We hear stories every day about how Ohio Christian University has shaped and made a difference in our student's lives. Whether it's discovering their purpose, reaching their goals or landing their dream job, our students, alumni, and community have stories worth sharing.


Caitlyn McCrary Singing at OCU

Student Profile: Caitlyn McCrary Is Asking Big Questions

Caitlyn McCrary is a senior psychology major in OCU’s Residential Undergraduate program. Growing up, Caitlyn felt she had been hiding in the shadow of her musically-talented family. Questions like “What about me? What am I good at?” echoed in her head regularly. Being a student at OCU helped her realize her God-given potential. Her personal growth is... Read More
John Flaugher Racing

Student Profile: John Flaugher Charts Course to Global Ministry

A senior Ministry major, John Flaugher was attracted to OCU by its affordability and an opportunity to join its track team.  He discovered OCU through a Bible study in Springfield, Ohio led by the father of OCU All-American soccer player Aubri Paugh who encouraged him to apply. OCU was among several top schools that John considered. As he explains, “I came... Read More
Ethan Allen Serves in Disaster Areas

Graduate Profiles: Ethan Allen and Dustin Hube Serve Where Disaster Strikes

The devastation of communities from natural disasters has piled on lately.  Hurricanes alone account for many billions of dollars in property loss.  The tragedy of lost loved ones and cherished family possessions is beyond measure.  In the midst of these far-reaching calamities, two OCU graduates have been working diligently to preserve and protect those... Read More
Sam Bussey in Houston with Encompass

Graduate Profile: Sam Bussey Served in Houston

When Samantha “Sam” Bussey graduated from Ohio Christian University in 2017 she never imagined her major in Emergency and Disaster Management would lead her so quickly to life-changing and impactful recovery work generated by Hurricane Harvey. Recently, with Encompass World Partners—a faith-based organization that sends missionaries worldwide in crisis... Read More
Rev. David Dean, Graduate

Graduate Profile: Rev. David Dean

Upon graduation in Theology from Ohio Christian University, David Dean entered Olivet Nazarene University’s Church Management program and earned his Master's degree. Since then David has been an evangelist in many churches, camps, and colleges, as well as a servant in mission fields for 25 years. Since 2015, Rev. Dean is serving as OCU’s Director of Church... Read More
Student Amber Ginter

Student Profile: Amber Ginter on “What No One Tells You About Coming to OCU”

As a senior, I often hear excited, uncertain freshmen asking: "Excuse me, do you know where Room CE201 is?”, "Have you ever had Professor X?", "Is she as intimidating as everyone says?", "How do I know what to major in?", "Why doesn't this guy who seems perfect for me text me back?" My answers, respectively, are:  “Yes, yes, and yes. But, she's awesome. Don... Read More
Tyler Forney Leading SOS Project

Student Profile: Tyler Forney Is Learning Service over Self

Building safer houses, constructing new roofs, and laboring in Tennessee’s hot summer sun isn’t routine for OCU Junior Tyler Forney. What is routine is witnessing about Jesus, having a heart for Youth Ministry, and placing others' needs above his for the glory of God. Choosing to spend his summer with Service Over Self (SOS) in Memphis, Tyler, along with... Read More
Kyle Benecke

Student Profile: Kyle Benecke Leaves Comfort Zone

Junior Kyle Benecke has a slew of rising talents. While being on Sports Link and starring in Track and Cross Country, Kyle maintains superior academic standing. One may think this cool kid with the Mohawk can't possibly do anything else. But, when asked about some of his favorite activities, Kyle brings up his band, Leaving Cardboard Houses, as if it were... Read More
Nick Enix with Prof. Jim Smith at Graduation

OCU Graduate Profile: Nick Enix is Shooting for the Stars

Class of 2016 graduate Nick Enix is accustomed to reaching high in advancing his professional goals.  As a Chemical Dependency major, Nick was blessed to gain employment with the Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS) in Circleville during his junior year.  Today he continues there as a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor. Due to his excellent OCU... Read More
OCU Student to Intern at The Circleville Herald image

OCU Student to Intern at The Circleville Herald

Madeline McCain, an Ohio Christian University AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) education major with a concentration in English, recently accepted a position as an intern at The Circleville Herald. She will begin her duties by learning their computer system and typing police and court reports for the paper. In time, Maddy could move on to writing press... Read More
Students Serve on Summer Camp Teams image

Students Serve on Summer Camp Teams

The Ohio Christian University Summer Camp Teams have now wrapped up their ministry for 2016. A group of 49 OCU students ministered at 27 camps this summer in seven different states—Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, and Indiana. The students were hand-selected through an application and interview process and received... Read More