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Serving the Great Commission

OCU Mission Trip Photo of Girl in Coat

Ohio Christian University takes The Great Commission seriously. Each year World Gospel Mission leads student teams around the world to join in its work. Teams serve alongside missionaries in youth camps and orphanages, in areas of human trafficking, and in churches in South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

These students are dedicated and passionate. They learn team bonding, fund-raising, and about the countries where they minister with cultural sensitivity. They serve humbly and genuinely, recognizing they are not “taking God” to these countries, but joining in work He is doing. Serving on these mission trips is rewarding and helpful to missionaries who need just a little more manpower to complete key goals of their ministries.

OCU Student Alumni

What No One Tells You about OCU

Ohio Christian University takes The Great Commission seriously. Each year World Gospel Mission leads student teams around the world to join in its work. Teams serve alongside missionaries in youth camps and orphanages, in areas of human trafficking, and in churches in South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

These students are dedicated and passionate. They learn team bonding, fund-raising, and about the countries where they minister with cultural sensitivity.

They serve humbly and genuinely, recognizing they are not “taking God” to these countries, but joining in work He is doing. Serving on these mission trips is rewarding and helpful to missionaries who need just a little more manpower to complete key goals of their ministries.

Helping Hands in Puerto Rico

Emergency Disaster Management Students in Puerto Rico

Students of OCU’s Emergency & Disaster Management and Business program respond to disasters such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Flying to Puerto Rico, they assist The Salvation Army in distributing 115,887 meals and 129,997 cases of water to residents stranded in remote valleys and mountaintops. Hard work and determination relieved distressed and traumatized communities. Salvation Army volunteers with the OCU team, AmeriCorp, and Washington Conservation Corp. contributed 1,387 hours of help. “As Christians, our service affects those we serve, and it changes us as ‘soldiers’ in God’s salvation army,” explains OCU team member Cayla Allen.

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OCU Teachers Education Program Student

OCU educates schoolteachers to be classroom ‘superstars’

OCU’s Teacher Education program provides super special-needs skills training. As Department Chair Dr. Valerie Jones explains, “Our trauma-informed care training uses teaching methods and classroom management created by pioneers Piaget and Dewey. Our program trains teachers to apply corrective ‘discipline through love’ to help traumatized children learn without disrupting the classroom. Our approach integrates a Christian worldview.”

OCU student teachers learn to help traumatized children to abandon disruptive behavior, enabling them to teach their students to national standards with minimized disruption. OCU graduates can change the direction of these children’s lives, achieving very positive long-term outcomes.

NAIA Champions of Character™

Trailblazer athletes won the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Five-star Gold Level Award based on their pursuit of character-driven athletics. OCU stands with fourteen other Champions of Character winners to receive a perfect 100 score! Winners arise from 183 member institutions.

“These institutions are measured on a demonstrated commitment to Champions of Character and earn points in character training, conduct in competition, academic focus, and character recognition and character promotion. Points accrue based on exceptional student-athlete GPAs and by having minimal to no ejections during competition throughout the course of the academic year.”

Psychology from a Christian Perspective

We study personality from a Wesleyan perspective

We study personality to better understand and predict behaviors. We examine the individual’s behavior in society through a Christian lens. Through Christ, a person may have life abundantly, the greatest level of hope, achieved through His transforming power. This is a personality model beyond all others.

String Ensemble Goes Abroad

OCU Music Department Ministers Abroad

“The Chamber Strings Ensemble’s performing in Japan is a new door God opened for our students.” – Dr. John Anthony, Music Department Chair. “Our dream is for our students to travel abroad, using their musical talents to spread the Gospel.”

The Japanese greatly appreciate classical music. Some people who would never enter a church will attend a concert in one. “These trips connect local residents to local churches and open their hearts to the ministry of our ensemble,” explains Ensemble Director Mr. Roger Steig. The Ensemble performed sacred and classical music in churches in Karuizawa and Matsumoto. Violinist Madeline Sifford found ministering in Japan an answer to prayer: “I was thinking and praying about being a missionary. I asked God to open a door for a summer mission trip, and He did.”

Business Department Round Table

Round Table Preps Students for Business Plan Competition

"The School of Business & Government® hosts an annual Small Business Round Table. Students learn from business owners and entrepreneurs what it takes to start and manage a business and how to be successful. Panelists emphasize character, hard work, time management, finding your passion, and discipline as success factors." "The roundtable is useful for students creating plans for OCU’s annual $10,000 Business Plan Competition. OCU places high value on practical learning, encouraging businesses to dialogue with students. "

Learning Servant Leadership

OCU Business Department Teaching Human Services

OCU’s Bachelor of Arts in Human Services integrates principles of servant leadership into the workplace. Students explore social advocacy from a Biblical perspective with a view to make a difference in their community. They learn about ethical leadership in the workplace, advocacy, and public policy that brings positive change, and how to be effective leaders in serving fellow employees and clients.

Human services career opportunities are expected to grow 11% annually through 2024, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition,” explains William Harle, Jr., Director of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Adult and Graduate Studies. “We are pleased so many students select a Human Services major – a fine match of mission and marketplace.”

Music Department Festival of Carols

Festival of Carols Draws SRO Celebration

"Christmas celebrants fill OCU’s Ministry and Performing Arts Center to standing-room-only capacity for the University’s annual Festival of Carols! Produced as a gift to the community, the University Chorale, Chamber Singers, Circleville Community Choral Society, and Festival Orchestra beautifully realizes Christmas themes.

“Every year, the festival brings a new message that underscores giving Jesus your heart,” explains Dr. Dione Bennett, Music Department director of this signature event. Creative renderings of Christmas stories with singing, instrumentals, and dramatic performance and narrative elevate these multi-media professional productions as memorable expressions of Christian faith."

Boost Communication Skills

OCU Writing Center Connects Tutors to Students

OCU’s Writing Center offers hands-on workshops to help students grow their writing skills. Workshops focus on understanding the rhetorical situation, proposal planning, drafting a thesis and outline, synthesizing research, research writing, writing article reviews, and mastering APA documentation. Students learn to plan, draft, and revise assignments required in composition courses.

"The center helped me immensely with my writing skills, organization, and in knowing what is expected in a college paper. Tutors are good resources when I am completing assignments. I greatly appreciate their helping me accomplish my assignments.”

Upperclassman Shay Adkins confesses, “I was really frustrated with an assignment and felt completely overwhelmed. Tutors helped me break my assignment into parts making it achievable. Working with tutors gave me insights.”

“Even though I grew up in church and have done research, I was out of my depth when writing my capstone paper. The Center helped me nail down my ideas and get on track doing research I needed,” explains Senior Miracle Higginbotham.

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Online Plus Classes Student on Campus

18-24 year old students – Online Classes with Optional Experiences

Students can complete a bachelor’s degree 100% online, plus have the option to connect with the community, and prepare for a career by learning, traveling, and living in the United States and abroad while earning college credits. OCUOnline Plus students have various community options including a semester in Colorado with Summit Ministries, courses and summer camps on OCU’s main campus, and internships in their local area, at OCU Business Innovation Center, or around the globe with Operation Mobilization. “A 2018 survey of online students indicates more than half of online learners travel to their campus throughout the year and desire interactions and engagement with students and faculty. These are options we offer with OCUOnline Plus.” – Dr. Lynn Lease, OCUOnline Plus Academic Program Director.

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Advancing the Gospel

Church Planting Conversation

Ohio Christian University believes the church and its ministry needs to grow in its New Testament missional effectiveness. World evangelism is its heartbeat. Faculty adapt ministry to reach the 21st-century world, training students to engage society with a sharpened mind, evangelistic focus, and heart warmed toward God and others. Program concentrations provide training in current philosophy and practices for starting New Testament churches and growing the Great Commission church.

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Missional Teaching Abroad in Honduras

Teaching at the International School in Honduras

"When I sought out a school that supported the mission God called me to, I discovered OCU. If a program does not yet exist, the school helps pioneer programs or ministries to do what God places on their students’ hearts. In my OCU senior year, I taught at an international school in Honduras. I teach 2nd grade there now. I love working in a Christ-centered school dedicated to transforming Honduras. This opportunity is possible because Professor Jones and the faculty were open to me pursuing my calling. Professor Jones said, ‘If this is a dream God has for you, we want to help you fight for that dream.’

“I believe God will use this generation to raise up men and women of integrity and wisdom to serve God and transform Honduras for His glory. I have traveled to several areas of Honduras and seen the poorest and wealthiest. God is using those experiences and my meeting the people there to show me His heart for Honduras.”

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Charting a course into ministry

Ministry major John Flaugher

"Ministry major John Flaugher enrolled at OCU for its affordability and track team. He discovered OCU through a Bible study led by a former OCU All-American soccer player’ father who encouraged him to apply. “During an overnight stay at OCU I met students and experienced the community. I felt at home. Professors were personable and cared about students. The school’s academics are very strong.”

Of his track and cross-country experience, John says, “I loved the coaches. They invested in us spiritually as they mentored and trained us to be the best athletes we could be. We qualified for national competitions and set records. The winning is very memorable. After graduation, I hope to earn a master’s degree go on to become a professor.”

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OCU NAIA Trailblazer Athlete

Ariel Young Crowned NAIA All-American

Ohio Christian University Cross Country team achieved a goal pursued for six years – running in the NAIA Championship race. Ariel Young’s 5,000-meter time of 17:55 put her in 15th place overall and the title of NAIA All-American!

“Our men and women capped off a great season with their best performances of the year,” says Head Coach Eric Hamner. “These athletes worked hard all season, and it paid off with great River States Conference and NAIA performances. We watched their faith grow and saw God’s faithfulness. I am extremely proud to be their coach.”

Preparing students for Careers

Kelsey Cutright Career Services Director

“We support students as they extend their learning beyond the classroom. Career Services equips students with resources and opportunities to help them discern their unique life calling. Our goal is to enable students to make their visions reality through fulfilling careers.” – Kelsey Cutright, OCU Director of Career Services. Career Services assist students in preparing for jobs and interviews. We provide coaching and guidance in writing resumes and cover letters through workshops and career development resources. "

Students at Homecoming Family Day

Homecoming and Family Day - Unforgettable!

"Ohio Christian University’s annual Homecoming and Family Day is a great gathering of alumni, family, and friends. It is a time to reconnect with professors and staff and classmates. Homecoming King and Queen roam and visit with alumni. Decade reunions enable reconnecting. Tours show off the campus. Alumni stretch their legs on the Josias Rodriquez 5K Glow Run and watch the Torch Run Parade, where students run a torch through Circleville with a line of student cars following.

“Torch Run and the big bonfire are favorites! They bring us together for memorable experiences.”

“I embraced generations past mingling with generations present.”

“I love it! In a world where face-to-face interactions may be few and far between, homecoming builds community.”

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Service Above Self

Criminal Justice Department Mock Crime Scene

OCU’s Criminal Justice Program integrates classroom lecture and discussion with hands-on application of concepts, procedures, and techniques that enable students to experience simulations of performing traffic stops, crisis negotiation, building searches, and processing crime scenes— examples of real-life specialized work situations.

If you admire Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Morse, here you become the detective! Simulated crime scene forensic analysis provides an opportunity to interview and interrogate, write reports, collect and identify evidence, take photographs, learn techniques for searching, and attend a 16-Step Crime Scene processing lecture and practice investigation. Students transform throughout the semester culminating in the Crime Scene Processing Final Exam.

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Government Department DC Trip

Unforgettable Experience in Washington, D.C.

The School of Business & Government® each year leads students a two-day tour of Washington, D.C. They interact with government leaders and discuss how governing theory and practice coincide. The group tours George Washington’s home and Mount Vernon Plantation led by Family Research Council and Annapolis Institute guides. Students visit Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law for presentations on Constitutional and Comparative Law, Political Culture, and Law & Religion. They also meet State Department policy advisors and have an after-hours guided tour of the Capitol building.

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