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This program prepares piano pedagogy students to apply for the designation "National Certified Teacher of Music" (NCTM) from the Music Teachers National Association.


This program prepares piano pedagogy students to apply for the designation “Nationally Certified Teacher of Music” (NCTM) from the Music Teachers National Association.

    Introduction to the philosophies and concepts of Music Education.
    A practical introduction to an effective and positive teaching approach for current and future piano teachers. This course emphasizes establishing a solid pianistic foundation for average beginning piano students and exploring appropriate literature for teaching young beginners.
    Prerequisite: MU112
    A continuation of Introduction to Piano Pedagogy, this course explores various aspects of teaching intermediate, adult, and transfer students; burnout in teachers; and the business of running a studio. Includes 15 hours of observing piano lessons.
    Prerequisite: MU212
    Child development as a dynamic, challenging, complex and multifaceted area of inquiry that supports and guides professional practices toward children. Developmental theory and research from pre-birth to the end of childhood, emotional, language and cognitive development, family and environmental influences, and relationships and gender roles. Application of course content to professional roles.
    Offered: Spring, even year Prerequisite: PS102
    Developmental theory regarding physical changes, cognitive development, identity, and gender and sexual concepts and cultural influence and moral development.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisite: None
    Cognitive theory and research applied to everyday experiences and mental processes. Overview of cognitive psychology and perception, including attention, memory and forgetting, and language and information processing.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: PS102
1 credit per semester for 2 to 4 semesters:
    Two semesters
    (repeatable to four semesters) of observing and teaching an average beginning piano student. Requirements include summaries and evaluations of observed lessons, video recorded private lessons with self-evaluations, and consultations with the supervising professor. Prerequisites: MU215 MU321Suzuki Violin Pedagogy Books 6/7 3 Violin pedagogy and techniques specific to the repertoire of Books 6 and 7, with supplementary material and technical exercises, and application to supervised teaching. Prerequisite: MU221

For help with declaring a minor or certification, please contact the University Registrar’s Office. Students changing majors, may consider using coursework from the previous major toward one of these programs. Guidelines for minors and certifications may be found in the Academics section of the Traditional Undergraduate Catalog, under “Additional Program Options.”

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