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The Ohio Christian University Chorale is a passionate and seasoned ministry composed of students who want nothing more than to communicate the redemptive message of Jesus Christ. Combining 21st century ideas with the timeless quality of great hymns, these young adults have captivated audiences across the mid-west and beyond for over 55 years.



The choir, under the direction of Dione Bennett, strives to present the finest level of performance and ministry in chorale music. They have traveled to such venues as Springdale Church of the Nazarene in Cincinnati, OH and Rock Springs Church in Atlanta, GA.

It is evident that the OCU Chorale has been blessed not only with musical abilities, but also the gift of communicating a message and touching lives. With a passion for reaching others for Christ at the heart of their ministry, the choir is excited to see what God has in store for years to come.


Host the Chorale at Your Church!

It is best to request the University Chorale as far in advance as possible, as their calendar fills up quickly. For more information or to host the OCU Chorale, you may request them online, or contact Dione Bennett via email