Church Relations

Church Relations

Strengthening the Connection
Between the Church and University!


  • Develop and strengthen the connection between churches and the University.
  • Establish the Toler Leadership Institutes to provide practical and proven leadership teaching in three areas:
    • Students Enrolled at OCU
    • Churches Connected with OCU
    • Communities where OCU is Present

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Toler Leadership Institutes

The Toler Leadership Training for Church Leaders:

  • Church Development
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Church Stewardship
  • International Leaders
  • Church Planting
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Worship and Music
  • Compassionate Ministries

The Toler Leadership Training for Student Leaders:

  • Basic Leadership Challenges
  • Biblical Teaching on Holiness

The Toler Leadership Training for Community Leaders:

  • Business Leadership
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Personal Leadership Growth
  • Community Transformation

Toler Leadership Training can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Toler Leadership Events on the campus of Ohio Christian University
  • Toler Leadership Events sponsored by local churches, businesses or schools
  • Toler Leadership Online University

The Toler Leadership Institute is looking for PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

  • You can enroll or attend one of the Toler Events on the OCU Campus or other location.
  • You can become a Certified Trainer and lead a Toler Workshop.
  • You can become an Associate Trainer and train others to become servant leaders.
  • You can apply to become a Toler Leadership Institute Site in your community.
  • You can become a Toler Leadership Partner by giving a gift of leadership training to others.

At the Toler Leadership Institutes…

In you are interested in finding out more about the Toler Leadership Institutes at Ohio Christian University contact Craig Brown.

Donate Toward the Toler Institutes at OCU

Ohio Christian University is committed to Stan Toler’s legacy through sustaining The Toler Leadership Institutes at OCU for educating of Christian leaders throughout the world. To learn more, visit Toler Leadership Institutes. Take this opportunity to support Stan’s legacy. Please donate now.