Church Relations

Toler Leadership Institutes

Ohio Christian University in partnership with Toler Leadership Institutes

  • Inspiration for their Leadership Calling
  • Engagement for their Leadership Character
  • Training Resources to grow Leadership Competence

The Toler Leadership Institutes at Ohio Christian University is a leadership-training program for Life Long Learners designed to inspire, challenge and equip individuals who desire to become the best leaders that they can be. The Toler Leadership Institutes at Ohio Christian University has developed a leadership curriculum drawn from Stan Toler, John Maxwell and many others that focus on leadership training.

Church Workshops

The Church Relations Staff at OCU is ultimately dedicated to fulfill the great commission. One way we endeavor do so is by helping empower churches and church leadership with meaningful information, vision and direction through these workshops.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Rev. David Dean, OCU Church Relations Director, at (740) 477-7823 or

  • Outstanding! Leadership that Motivates and Relates
    What makes a leader stand out? What are the keys to truly making a difference? And how can you become the influencer you were created to be?

  • The Exceptional Leader
    Common–sense leadership principles and instruction on how to lead holistically, with heart and soul.

  • Give to Live
    Generosity does not come naturally for most of us, yet it is the first economic principle in God's kingdom. Time after time, God's Word instructs us to be generous with what God gives us. This is how we honor God, impact others, and receive a blessing in the process.

  • Terrific! Five Star Customer Service
    From discovering the birth of creativity to building enthusiasm to incorporating a personal touch, Terrific! Five-Star Customer Service is filled with highly practical content.

  • The Five-Star Church
    Contains tips, tools and the inspiration you need to build a top-quality church that people will flock to and participate in. Now matter how small your ministry or budget, God can use your church effectively to make everyone there feel welcome and cared for - the marks of a five-star church!

  • The Power of One
    Learn how to utilize prayer in evangelizing unbelievers, discipling believers, and starting new churches and how to establish friendship networks to introduce people to Christ and other Christians.

  • Power of Your Attitude
    Release the thoughts and habits that keep you from experiencing joy on a daily basis and learn the seven choices you can make to get out of a rut and into greater success.

  • The Relational Leader
    The Relational Leader: A Parable of Business Success offers powerful principles you can implement for a more vibrant, satisfying, balanced life.

  • The Vibrant Church
    The Vibrant Church presents a step-by-step plan for bringing your church to life. Get ready for the most practical training you have ever received! Learn about: vibrant leadership, relationships, stewardship and spirituality.