In order to better serve you, an academic advisor is available to walk you through the registration process and assist with selecting the best courses for both high school credit and meeting your future college goals.

Before the advising process can begin, you will first need to complete the application process. Once accepted, your advisor will email you a link to our online video advising. The link contains an informational video and all the forms, in downloadable format, required for advising and registration.

Typical General Education requirements for most college program tracks:

  • 1-2 Sciences (Often one science must include a lab)
  • 2 English Composition courses
  • 1 Literature
  • 1-2 Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.)
  • 1-2 History
  • 1-2 Math (depending on if seeking BS degree, Math degree or CLEP testing)
  • 1 Speech/Oral Communication
  • 1 Technology/Computer Literacy (this is changing – check with the schools interested in attending)
  • 1 Ethics/Philosophy (sometimes major specific – check with schools and programs interested in)

Contact us for all your student advising needs:

Beth Ash
Trailblazer Academic Director / Advising and Admissions

Kelsey Brisker
Trailblazer Academy Advising Coordinator

Jenny Ratliff
Trailblazer Academy Program Coordinator (Applications and General Information)

For information regarding Ohio high school graduation requirements, please visit the Ohio Department of Education.

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