8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisteInstructor
CJU20103 Law EnforcementCJU1010Dillard
HIS20203Western Civilization I Burchett
MIN30253Preaching I Mershimer
PHL20003Introduction to Philosophy Case
ENG10003English Composition I (sec 1) Barr
MGT10003Introduction to Management VanHoose
9:25 AM - 10:40 AM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
CJU10103 Introduction to Criminal JusticeDillard
PSY36003Abnormal PsychologyPSY1020Johnson
PCC2010 3Pastoral CounselingSmith
CHS30003Survey of Church HistoryWilliamson
COM20003Oral CommunicationStaff
ENG10003English Composition I (sec 2)Barr
THE3250 3Biblical Foundations of WorshipSones
EDU2240 3Diversity in EducationEDU2030Staff
BUS46003International BusinessPennington
BUS22003Entrepreneurship BasicsVanHoose
SBM10203Introduction to Sport ManagementC. Flynn
10:50 AM - 12:05 PM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
SAC23003Family Dynamics in Substance AbuseSAC1020Smith
PSY30003Methods of CounselingPSY1020Johnson
LDR31003Concepts of LeadershipPennington
CJU20803 Juvenile JusticeDillard
THE1010 3Christianity, Culture, & Worldview (sec. 1)Williamson
ENG21003Introduction to LIteratureStonerock
MAT0960 3Beginning Algebra--REMEDIALmath ACT 17, ALEKS, or MAT0900Staff
ENG10003English Composition I (sec 3)Barr
EDU2500 3Teaching the Exceptional ChildEDU2030Staff
12:15 - 1:30 PM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
PSY30603Statisticss for Social ScienceAny Introduction to Social Science CourseE. McDonald
HON10001Honors (sec. 1)Burchett
MAT13103Intermediate Algebramath ACT 19, ALEKS, or MAT0960Staff
EDU20503Math Methods IEDU2030Staff
BUS11203Business CommunicationsC. Flynn
SBM22003Fundamentals of CoachingG. Arroyo
1:40 PM - 2:55 PM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
SOC20303Marriage, Family and Human SexualitySOC1020Smith
PSY24503Principles of BehaviorPSY1020E. McDonald
PSY40103Cognition and PerceptionPSY1020S. McDonald
THE40103Systematic Theology IWilliamson
BIO1010/10114Introduction to Biology (Virtual Lab TBA)Staff
MUS40123Choral ConductingBennett
WOR11003Introduction to Worship LeadershipSones
EDU2110/ECE21103Math Theory and Methods EDU2030Staff
LDR40003Leading ChangePennington
SBM20303Sport Culture & EnviornmentG. Arroyo
3:05 PM - 5:35 PM
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
THE10103Christianity, Culture, & Worldview (sec. 2, 3:05-4:20 PM)Williamson
ENG10003English Composition I (3:05-4:20 PM, sec. 4)Conrad
MUS10901Chorale MW 3:05 - 4:20 PM; Friday 2:00-3:15 PMBennett
EDU42603Integrated Social Studies and Science MethodsEDU2030Staff
EDU46203Teaching Mathematics AYAEDU2030Drum
EDU46303Teaching Social Studies AYAEDU2030Staff
MIN20203Evangelism and DiscipleshipPessia
EDU4720 3Science Methods & InterventionEDU2030McLaughlin
Evening Courses
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NameInstruction
HSV39993Selected Topics: NonProfit Management (Tuesday)Shannon


8:00 AM - 9:15 AM   (Tuesday/Thursday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
EMT30403Terrorism and Emergency ManagementEMT1010Dillard
ECE/EDU14703Educational Technology Burchett
BIB12003Old Testament LIteratureMershimer
BIB20253New Testament InterpretationFriedeman
EDU3290 3A to YA Curriculum and InstructionEDU2030Kneece
EDU32603Reading Language Arts MethodsEDU2030Steger
EDU3110/ECE31103Teaching Music EDU2030Meissner
ACC40403Managerial AccountingACC3020Dille
9:25 AM - 10:40 AM   (Tuesday/Thursday)

Chapel (9:25 - 10:15 AM)

10:50 AM - 12:05 PM   (Tuesday/Thursday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
PSY31203Sports PsychologyPSY1020Olson
SAC21503Case ManagementJohnson
ACC40303Introduction to AuditingACC3020Fields
MKT10503Introduction to MarketingGrimes
EMT10103Intro to Emergency and Disaster ManagementDillard
MUS34303Survey of Music History IIIMeissner
MUS10203Music FundamentalsSones
ENG3510 3Literature for AdolescentsKneece
ACC20203Accounting 1MAT1250 or higherDille
EDU20303Foundations of EducationStaff
EDU33203Reading in the Content AreaEDU2030Steger
12:15 - 1:30 PM   (Tuesday/Thursday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
PSY35103Psych of Criminal BehaviorPSY1020EMcDonald
BIB34103Pentateuch: GenesisCulp
MIN10253Intro to Student Ministry (Tu only 12:15-2:45)Riffle
THE10103Christianity, Culture, Worldview (sec.3) Zimmerman
MAT12503Quantitative Reasoningmath ACT 17, ALEKS, or MAT0940/0960Staff
SAC10203 Intro to Substance Abuse CousnelingJohnson
EDU33303Foundations of LiteracyEDU2030Steger
BUS30503Business LawFields
1:40 PM - 2:55 PM   (Tuesday/Thursday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
POL32803 American Political InstitutionsLobb
SOC10203Introduction to Sociology (Section 1)S. McDonald
HIS20503U.S. History: 1492 to 1877Burchett
GRK11003Elementary GreekFriedeman
ENG0970/09903Basic Writing Lab (sec. 1)REMEDIALStonerock
MUS14001University BandMeissner
ACC23003Individual Income TaxationFields
FIN40003Financial ManagementDille
MKT43003Key Trends in Consumer BehaviorGrimes
ENG21103Children's LiteratureSteger
EDU46103Teaching Literature for AYAEDU2030Kneece
SBM37503Sport GovernanceStaff
3:05 PM - 5:35 PM   (Tuesday/Thursday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
HIS20503U.S. History: 1492 to 1877 (3:05-4:20)Burchett
SOC10203Introduction to Sociology (Section 2, 3:05-4:20)S. McDonald
BIB12003Old Testament LIterature (3:05-4:20)Mershimer
ENG0970/09903Basic Writing Lab (sec. 2)REMEDIALStonerock
CJU41003Criminal Law (3:04-4:20)Lobb
MIN20153Effective Youth Comm (Tu only 3:05-5:35)Riffle
MKT30003Marketing Concepts and ApplicationsGrimes
SBM25003Injury Prevention and Care (3:05-4:20)Staff


8:00 AM - 10:30 AM   (Friday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
CJU48003Criminal Justice Capstone (H)Dillard
EMT4900 3Emergency and Disaster Mgmt Internship (H)Dillard
EMT 48003Emergency and Disaster Mgmt Capstone (H)Dillard
PSY27001Career Advancement (10am-11am)Shannon
PSY49503Practicum in Psychology (H)Johnson
SAC49503Practicum in Substance Abuse Counesling (H)Johnson
HSV48003Human Services Captsone (H)Johnson
10:45 AM - 1:15 PM   (Friday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
Full Time Faculty Reserve for Meetings
OCU10501 First Year Experience (11 AM-12:15 PM)Seth McDonald
MUS19101Applied Voice I (sec 1) Lessons (TBD) ; Studio 11 AM-12 PMBennett
MUS19101Applied Voice I (sec 2) Lessons (TBD) ; Studio 11 AM-12 PMSones
MUS39102Applied Voice II Lessons (TBD); Studio 11 AM-12 PMBennett
HON10001Honors (sec. 2) 10:45-12:05Burchett
FNA10503Introduction to Drawing HYBRID 12:30-2:00 studio; art apprec onlineStaff
BUS43003Business InternshipPennington
1:30 - 4:00 PM   (Friday)
Course NumberCredit HoursCourse NamePrerequisiteInstructor
PSY49003Psychology Undergraduate Thesis - (H)S. McDonald
WOR11020Field Experience I, 1:00 -1:30pmSones
WOR34711Field Experience II 1:00-1:30 PM (Monday)Sones
WOR42503Internship (Worship) 1:00-1:30 PM (Monday)Sones
MUS10901Chorale MW 3:05 - 4:20 PM; Friday 2:00-3:15 PMBennett