Summer and Fall 2022 Application and Registration Information

    Applications for 2022-2023 Academic Year has Begun!

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    Students with a 3.0 or higher will be deemed eligible for General Acceptance to our program. Students with a 2.0 – 2.99 GPA will need to test college ready via the regular ACT/SAT or Reading Accuplacer guidelines for acceptance. 

    Course Pre-requisite Testing: Students who are wanting to take English Comp or Math courses will still need to test and achieve an eligible score to take any Math course or English Composition I and II. We accept subscores from the ACT/SAT/ and specific Accuplacer Math and Writing sections. Any student needing to take the Accuplacer to qualify for a course should access our Accuplacer testing link to request a date for testing.

    Trailblazer Academy

    Spring 2022

    Scrolling maybe necessary  
    8 Spring 2021 Course Testing Deadline  
    13 Spring 2021 Registration Deadline  
    5-7 New Student Online Orientation  
    10 Spring Semester Classes begin Online
    12 Spring Semester Classes begin Main Campus & High School
    14 Last day to add classes Online
    21 Last day to add classes Main Campus & High School
    24 Last day to drop classes Online
    28 Last day to drop classes Main Campus & High School
    25 Last day to withdraw classes, W grade  

    *Any withdrawl after this point is designated as a “WP” (Withdraw Pass) or “WF” (Withdraw Fail)

    9 Midterm Grades are due
    18 Trailblazer Academy Non-Public and Summer Session Application Deadline
    Intent to Participate Form due to State of Ohio
    • Non-public students: The Intent to Participate Form is included as a step in your OH/ID SAFE account submission process.
    • Public students: contact your guidance counselor to complete this form.
    Nonpublic Funding Application Forms due to State of Ohio (via OH/ID Account)
    3 12 Week Classes End
    12 Last day to withdraw classes, WP or WF grade
    12 12 Week Class Final Grades Due
    26 15 Week Classes End
    Public School Suggested Application Deadline for Fall Semester
    • Public Students enrolling for Fall Semester should aim to have all application materials in by April 29th with the goal of registering before your school district summer break.
    2 15 Week Class Final Grades Due
    Around the 15th
    Non-public Award Letter Arrives
    • Students MUST provide HS and OCU with a copy of the Award letter containing the number of course credits allocated and the students Unique Identification Number (UIN)
    Scrolling maybe necessary  

    Summer 2022

    10 Summer Course Testing Deadline
    13 Registration Deadline
    25-27 Online Orientation
    31 Online Session Begins
    24 Online Session Ends
    Scrolling maybe necessary  

    Fall 2022 • Scheduling Information

    9 Testing Deadline for Fall 2022
    12 Fall 2021 Registration Deadline: New registrations will not be accepted after this date.
    Scrolling maybe necessary  

    Fall 2022 • Course Start Dates

    10-12 New Student Online Orientation I
    15 Online Plus 8 Week Fall Term “A” Online courses begin
    17-19 New Student Online Orientation II
    17 Circleville Main campus classes begin
    Week of 15th Classes at Partnership High Schools begin
      *(Check with your high school to confirm start date)
    22 Online courses begin
    26 Last day to ADD ALL classes.
      *(Online courses limited to those with digital resources only)
    Scrolling maybe necessary  

    Spring 2023 • Scheduling Information

    3 Spring 2023 Registration begins
    6 Spring 2023 Testing Deadline
    9 Spring 2023 Registration Deadline
    4-6 New Student Online Orientation
    9 Spring Semester Trailblazer Academy Online courses begin
    9 Online Plus 8 Week Online Spring Term “A” courses begin
    Week of 9th Circleville Main Campus and High School courses begin.
      (*Check with your high school to confirm start date, and course schedule for Main Campus course start dates.)
    13 Last day to Add ALL classes.
      *(Online courses limited to those with digital resources only)