April 17: Trailblazer Academy Non-Public  and Summer Session Application Deadline 

  • Apply today!
  • Note: if you are a public school student who does NOT want to take summer courses, your deadline is May 1st. All non-public (homeschool and private) students MUST complete application and submit transcripts to the Trailblazer Academy office by April 17th for summer and to allow time for the Trailblazer Academy Office to send Acceptance Letters in time to meet the COVID-19 revised state funding application deadline. If test scores are not able to be submitted for full acceptance by that date, a letter of conditional acceptance will be issued with the submission of a qualifying GPA.

May 1: Intent to Participate Form due to State of Ohio

  • Non-public students: The Intent to Participate Form is included as a step in your OH/ID SAFE account submission process.  
  • Public students: contact your guidance counselor to complete this form

May 1: Funding Forms due to State of Ohio (via OH/ID Account)

May 1: Public School Suggested Application Deadline for Fall Semester

  • Public Students enrolling for Fall Semester should aim to have all application materials in by May 1st with the goal of registering before your school district summer break.

Around May 15: Your Award Letter Arrives

  • Students MUST provide HS and OCU with a copy of the Award letter containing the number of course credits allocated and the students Unique Identification Number (UIN)
  • If you have been issued a Conditional Letter of Acceptance, the current deadline for submission of a letter of Full acceptance remains May 30. If testing is unable to be conducted prior to May 30th due to COVID-19 regulations, a review of the conditional students’ GPA status will be conducted, and if students fit the criteria laid out by the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Director of CCP, full acceptance may be considered. This only applies to students who have applied during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fall 2020 Deadlines: 

August 7: Registration deadline and "Free Materials" deadline 

August 19-21: Online Orientation begins.

August 24: Online Courses begin 

August 26: On-Campus courses begin 

August 28: Last day to add online/Main campus courses

September 4: Last day to drop main campus courses 

September 9: Last day to drop online courses 

October 2: Last day to withdraw with a "W"