Trailblazer Academy 2019 Deadlines

March 22: Trailblazer Academy Non-Public and Summer Session Application Deadline

  • Apply today!
  • Note: if you are a public school student who does NOT want to take summer courses, your deadline is May 3rd. All non-public (homeschool and private) students MUST complete application (transcripts and test scores) by March 22nd for summer and to allow time for the Trailblazer Academy Office to send Acceptance Letters in time to meet the state funding application deadline.

April 1: Intent to Participate Form due to State of Ohio

  • Non-public students: click here (link is external) to download your Intent to Participate Form (link is external)
  • Public students: see your guidance counselor to fill out this form

April 12: Funding Forms due to State of Ohio (via SAFE Account)

May 3: Public School Suggested Application Deadline for Fall Semester

  • Public Students enrolling for Fall Semester should aim to have all application materials in by May 3rd with the goal of registering before your school district summer break.

Around May 15: Your Award Letter Arrives

  • Students MUST provide HS and OCU with a copy of the Award letter containing the number of course credits allocated and the students Unique Identification Number (UIN)

August 9: Fall "Free Book" Registration Deadline
August 19: Fall Online Classes Begin
August 21: Fall On-Campus Classes Begin
September 4: Fall Online Withdraw Deadline
September 6: Fall On-Campus Withdraw Deadline