Grades 7-12

SAT MAY 14TH, 2022 // 10AM-4PM

Keynote Speaker // Jeff Keaton
$25 Admission
Non-registrant fee (Meal ticket) $5

MyFuture is an all-day event designed for Christian students who are preparing for their futures practically, academically, and spiritually. The event is designed to cast a vision for a Christ-centered educational experience that will launch students into a Christ-centered career.

Every student that attends MyFuture will leave with a letter of recommendation highlighting the specific fields of training that they received during the event. This letter can be used when applying for jobs or even college admission.

What to Expect

  • Attend 3 breakout sessions from a variety of topics, such as business planning, interviewing, resume building, public speaking, sharing your faith and more!
  • A Keynote Speaker from Renewanation
  • A vendor fair for both students and families
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Attendees will be eligible to receive a renewable $3,000 scholarship to Ohio Christian University!

Jeff Keaton

As the founder and CEO of Renewanation and iLumenEd Academy, Renewanation’s virtual school, Jeff works across the U.S. and Canada to help awaken the Church to the great need to give every child a biblical worldview.