What is Degree Audit?

OCU Degree Audit is a tool you and your advisor will use each semester. With Degree Audit you can ...

  • Track your progress toward graduation.
  • See how your completed classes fit into your degree. 
  • See what courses you still need to take.
  • (And, if you are a transfer student), see how your transfer classes fit into your degree.

How to Get Started

  1. Log in to Sonis, using your OCU user name and password.
  2. Select Degree Audit in the side bar menu, under Academics.
  3. Choose your program.
    • If you have a minor or more than one degree in progress you will see each option.

Understanding Your Degree Audit

Top of the Page 

This area shows you an overview of your progress toward earning your degree.

Requirements (Left Column)

Each block in the left column represents a block of classes from your degree program.

  • General Education Core (AA & BA Programs only)
    • Communication Skills
    • Humanities
    • Math, Science, and Health
    • Social and Behavioral Science
    • Religion
  • Program or Major Requirements
    • One or more blocks of courses required to earn your chosen program
  • Circleville Campus Students Only
    • Christian Service and Spiritual Formation credits
    • Required only for AA and BA programs offered at the Circleville Campus

Unassigned (Right Column)

These courses are either

  • not yet assigned to a degree requirement
    • in this case, your advisor can put them in the categories to which they belong.
  • or, not eligible to be counted toward your degree requirements.
    • for example
      • academic support or remedial courses
      • failed courses
      • electives that don't fit into a degree program requirement

Navigation Tips

  • Click the note icon  by each header to show the requirements for your degree program.
  • Click the caret (up arrow) to hide a block of courses

What If I Have Questions?

You have two options:

  1. Make an appointment with your advisorYour advisor is the expert for questions about your degree requirements. 
  2. If your advisor is unavailable, contact the University Registrar's Office