The first ever annual Trailblazer Trot was a success, with 73 runners and walkers competing in the event. The first finisher was Drake Dickerson with a time of 15:11, followed by Steven Adams with a time of 15:40. The first overall female finisher was Lexie Engstrom with a time of 20:11, followed by Karen Alexander with a time of 25:17. There were competitors of all ages, ranged from 9 to 75 years old. Afterwards, individual prizes were awarded along with raffle prize tickets (all entries were given one raffle ticket). The Ohio Christian University Track & Field and Cross Country team is incredibly grateful to all participants, as well as everyone who donated and contributed to the fundraiser. They are excited, and already looking forward to next years event.

Thank you for your participation

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1Drake Dickerson15:1123M
2Steven Adams15:4025M
3Corry Mientkiewicz16:0926M
4Nathan Brenneman16:2619M
5Hayden Mink17:0025M
6Jason Springer17:0519M
7Chester Mientkiewicz17:0828M
8Garrett Carver17:2619M
9Wyatt Vick19:0117M
10Evan Caldwell20:0121M
11Payton Herron20:0820M
12Lexie Engstrom20:1120F
13Jesse Current20:4424M
14Cory Reid21:2633M
15Todd Hintz21:3746M
16Dan Pruitt23:0915M
17Ethan Conrad24:1916M
18Karen Alexander25:1752F
19Josh Cominsky25:3745M
20Melanie Jech25:4638F
21Jason Henry25:5235M
22Impreza Rogers25:5317F
23Ireland Short25:5415F
24Rachel Lomaka26:4123F
25Jill Folk26:5245F
26Tyanna Craft27:1427F
27Bradley Neff28:1417M
28Rachel Maynard28:4835F
29Kathleen Kehl28:5436F
30Terra Neff29:0720F
31Jaden Henderson29:5618M
32Mary Picklesimer30:2329F
33Noelle Pahls30:2414F
34Kristen King30:2542F
35Jacob Nau30:2719M
36Evan Saunders30:4356M
37David Wolfe30:44
38Joshua Graybeal30:5122M
39Zach Bragg30:5721M
40Jennifer Wolfe31:10
41Monica McGinnis32:1259F
42Elaina Stephens32:3813F
43Jim Cottrell33:3663M
44Sandra Henry36:3861F
45Kamery Stephens36:397F
46Masha Waidelich36:5059F
47Clifton Craft36:5225M
48Mary Willis40:1530F
49Lance Barnett41:5818M
50Nathan Polidoro42:0119M
51Omarr Walker42:0220M
52Cynthia Tweedell42:22F
53Elijah Newland42:2321M
54Acacia May42:3221F
55Susan Saunders42:5662F
56Melanie Julien43:4159F
57George Arroyo45:1137M
58Beth Arroyo45:1536F
59Sandy Carver52:4668F
60Jana Flynn53:5754F
61Charles Workman54:3157M
62Connie Workman54:3255F
63Maddilin Flynn54:4622F
64Connie Vance54:4775F
65Beth Cominsky55:1743F
66Michelle Kiess1:05:00 F
67Kelly Rogers1:05:00 F

Age Group Winners

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OverallDrake DickersonLexie Engstrom
10-14 Noelle Pahls
15-19Nathan BrennemanImpreza Rogers
20-29Steven AdamsRachel Lomaka
30-39Cory ReidMelanie Jech
40-49Todd HintzJill Folk
50-59Evan SaundersKaren Alexander
60-69Jim CottrellSandra Henry
70-79 Connie Vance