Ohio Christian University Celebrates Circleville's 115th Pumpkin Show

Billed as the ‘Greatest Free Show on Earth’, the 115-year-old Circleville Pumpkin Show drew over 300,000 participants on October 16 through 19.

Recognized as Ohio’s oldest festival, the show is a ‘standout’ event that features everything pumpkin, including a 1,607-pound pumpkin and the ‘World’s largest pumpkin pie,’ along with popular pumpkin-foodstuffs—from candy to donuts to burgers to ice cream, and much more.

Each day, Ohio Christian University (OCU) faculty, staff, and students participated in the floats parade on an OCU-designed float featuring its “A Future with a History” 2018 theme. 

On opening day, University cabinet administrators, accompanied by President Jon S. Kulaga, rode the float, decorated with depictions of the future (a Tesla) and the past (a windmill and Gulf gas station).  

OCU participates annually in this regionally and nationally famous fall harvest celebration with family-focused contests and fun for all.

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