Staff Profile: Paul Roberts, Director of Library Services

By Paul Roberts

I was born into a non-Christian home. My three brothers and I never darkened a church door unless for a Boy Scout event. My life turned upside down at age 11 when my Dad died. My Mom searched for the meaning of life and found the Savior. Soon I sought my life’s purpose. My quest ended in trusting Jesus Christ as my Savior, accepting His charge of my life and seeking His pleasure.

I enrolled at Columbia Bible College in South Carolina. While studying the Bible, I was called to teach His Word to those who have no opportunity to study the Bible easily. I felt called to travel beyond America.

After graduation, I worked in the Bible Club Movement, teaching the Bible in public schools. I met a young lady who after several months accepted my proposal to become my wife. Both of us were very interested in serving our Lord overseas and sought His confirmation.

My wife saw an article about the need for Bible teachers in Liberia, West Africa. We applied and started raising support. With support raised and bags packed, we headed to Liberia to proclaim the Good News.

Our Liberian ministry was cut short when the government was overthrown. We returned to America where I started seminary to be better equipped to teach God’s Word. Our family was growing. One daughter was born before we left for Liberia, one daughter in Liberia, and a son after my first year in seminary. I worked full-time and took classes whenever I could. Finally, to complete my degree, I took a job in the college library.

Upon graduation, I was invited to work full-time in the library and be an on-campus representative for the mission agency with whom we served in Liberia. I attend library science school for credentials.

Being open to serve the Lord wherever He places me is my upper-most goal. Although I wanted to serve Him overseas, He brought many international students at Christian schools here. On two occasions, I have traveled to Europe to help small Bible colleges set up libraries. And, through email, I have encouraged librarians in several countries at very small schools.

God continues using Proverbs 3:5-6 to guide my life. Through Solomon, He says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your steps.”

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