CLT Classic Learning Test

OCU Accepts Classic Learning Test and Offers Testing Site

Ohio Christian University now accepts the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as an admissions test alternative to the ACT and SAT for both the on-campus and OCUOnline Plus undergraduate programs.

OCU is also a newly-added testing site offering the CLT on its main campus in Circleville, Ohio.  OCU has long offered scholarships based on ACT and SAT scores and now offers those same scholarships based on CLT scores.

“As we continue to offer innovative programs to attract and serve more students, we see the need to offer an innovative admissions path that better serves our overall student demographic,” said Dr. Lynn Lease, Academic Program Director for OCUOnline Plus.  “The CLT offers an alternative that many home school and classic school students and educators appreciate, but it also appeals to public school students looking for options beyond the ACT and SAT.”

Those interested in testing on the OCU main campus in Circleville can create an account and register at  Upcoming CLT testing dates at OCU are available September 29 and December 1.  CLT Student Guides are available online through the CLT website.

Students can register for a free CLT account, register for testing dates and sites, create a profile, and directly share scores with as many colleges as they choose.  Test samples are available online, and, as students complete practice tests, scores are tracked, scoring trends are computed, and students can determine where to focus their studies.

To get started or for more information, visit  For information on the OCU on-campus and online undergraduate degree programs, visit

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