The OCU Religion Department Welcomes New Students into its Learning Community

The students, staff, and faculty of the Religion Department gathered Monday evening to share in information and fellowship --- a kick-start to the new academic year with the professors giving insights to the students on how they can be successful within the department and in their future ministries.Dr. Rick Christman started the evening with a warm welcome, and then introduced each of the faculty and staff to help new students match names with faces, and encouraging communication between students and faculty. The professors were then given the opportunity to share their passion for their programs.Jamey Gremillion spoke about the Intercultural Ministries program and the fresh, new heart for missions he is observing on campus. Joel Moyar presented the importance of effective Children’s Ministry and the need to see children as a vital part of the Church body. Matt McKee entertained students while also expressing the need for solid youth ministries. Lonnie Potts shared his heart for preparing young pastors to face the difficult early years of ministry as well as equipping them for long-term success. Ben Williamson advocated the new dual degree in Ministry and Business, which prepares students to serve in bi-vocational capacities. In addition to exhorting the students to lead by example in both classroom and chapel, Dr. David Case invited students to explore further theological training through the Pre-seminary and Biblical Studies programs.Along with program information, students were also presented with advice on making the most of each opportunity provided by the Religion Department, beginning with the importance of registration by Gerald Mershimer. Lonnie Potts, along with some junior and senior ministry students, talked to the group about the practical experience they will gain through practicums, internships, and mentorships in the local churches. David Brown laid out upcoming events that will provide practical knowledge and networking opportunities with successful practitioners. Dr. Joe Brown discussed the continuing education opportunities provided through the OCU Master of Arts program. Janice Shannon wrapped up the evening with a presentation on the Career Services workshops that provide insights on how to make a good impression during networking opportunities and when seeking ministry assignments or jobs upon graduation.The students walked away from the evening encouraged and enthusiastic about being a part of the learning community at OCU. May the Lord bless these future Church leaders and the staff and faculty that will be preparing them. Contributed by Ethan Allen

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