OCU Student Spends Summer Designing Emergency Operations Plan

One of the values that Ohio Christian University strives to instill in their students is the idea of service to their communities.  This idea is driven home in each class, and students are encouraged to use the skills that they are developing at OCU to help out wherever they can.   This past summer OCU student, Ethan Allen, did just that when he helped an organization in Rising Sun, Indiana.Ethan volunteered to work as a mentor for a job skills training program hosted each summer through the Denver Siekman Environmental Park, DSEP.  The Park recently changed management, and the new managers wanted an emergency action plan for the grounds.  Knowing Ethan’s major in college, his supervisor asked him to create the plan.  The skills needed to create an emergency plans is found within many of the Disaster Management and Relief classes at OCU, so Ethan was well prepared for the undertaking.  Ethan’s plan covered everything from structural fires to man-made disasters such as active shooters.  The development of an emergency plan for a small area is difficult enough, but to work on one covering an entire outdoor complex is quite an undertaking.  Ethan stated, “One of the biggest challenges was the fact that the park itself covers a large area, including plenty of trails. We needed a way where we could alert groups when an incident was occurring while they were not in the main building.”  While discussing Ethan’s work, program director Thad Hicks stated, “If Ethan is able to do a large project like this, he should have no problem finding a position in the field once he is done here at OCU.”The Disaster Management and Relief program at Ohio Christian University continues to find itself in places of leadership within the field, and is represented well by Ethan Allen.Learn more about degrees at Ohio Christian University:Traditional Undergraduate Disaster Management and Relief ProgramThe Bachelor of Arts in Disaster Management and Relief for Adult Learners is offered online and at regional campuses where students attend classes once a week.OCU now offers an online certificate program for those who want to gain expertise in the Disaster Management field.

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