OCU Students Visit Washington D.C. and Congressman Stephen Austria (OH-7)

 Fourteen of Ohio Christian University's top students were selected by Dr. David H. Garrison, Department Chair of Business, for a two day visit to Washington D.C. on April 14th and 15th, 2010. The purpose of the visit was to spend time with U.S. Congressman Stephen Austria, Ohio's 7th District, to share their concerns about matters impacting university students and the state of the economy. Congressman Austria warmly received these students and fielded questions and provided an excellent briefing of the many concerns of these select OCU students.Additionally, Dr. Garrison arranged for a briefing on Healthcare reform from the nation's top expert, Robert Moffit Ph.D., the Director of Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation. Dr. Moffit has been a regular on most television networks due to his assistance to Governor Romney of Massachusetts when Massachusetts setup their state healthcare program and because of his expertise in the field. 

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