Follow Christ, Lead the Way
AGS Recruiter Janice Chilcote

Q: How does OCU’s Adult & Graduate School (AGS) make it easier for working adults to advance into the workplace in careers they wish to pursue that fulfill their desire to meet their personal and family needs as well as to service the church and society?

JC: When I talk with prospective students about returning to school, one of their biggest concerns is how they will fit their studies into their already busy lives. I explain OCU designs AGS programs for students just like them. The program is asynchronous which allows students the freedom to work on assignments at their convenience whether it’s 10:00 p.m. or 6:00 am in the morning.

Another advantage is that students take one class at a time for five weeks, so they can focus on just one subject rather than trying to juggle many at once. These are significant advantages for students because they don’t have to sacrifice work or family to be in class and they don’t feel torn in many different directions with their studies.

Q: What’s best about how AGS recruiting and enrollment staff like yourself help prospective students process their applications and come on-board as online students?

JC: The best part of how AGS on-boards online students are that we see our jobs as a ministry. Every call, email, or text is a potential opportunity to make a connection with someone and learn about their needs, their challenges, and their goals. We listen intently and often pray with them asking for God’s guidance as they make decisions.

Q: What do AGS students tell you they appreciate most about their onboarding and ongoing experience as online students?

JC: Our AGS students often say that they chose OCU because of the genuine care and concern of their recruiter. AGS recruiters go above and beyond to help our students through the process. Sometimes that means making a call to help them get their transcripts or being on the phone with them while they complete their FAFSA. Those can be daunting tasks, and sometimes it just helps to have someone willing to be there for them.

Once they’ve begun classes, AGS recruiters touch base with students to see how they’re doing. The overwhelming response is how much they love their professors, the content of their classes, and that even though it’s a lot of work, they can work it around their schedule and get it done.