Follow Christ, Lead the Way
AGS Student Ludmilla Akpa

I migrated from Africa with my three children to the United States in 2016. We settled in Chicago. Other than my native African language, I spoke only French. So, to acquire English quickly, I enrolled in English as a Second Language class.

After becoming relatively fluent in speaking and writing in English, I found I was not satisfied with the education offered at the community college near where I live. I felt I could better advance myself elsewhere where I could enroll in higher-level studies. I wanted to integrate a valuable university education with my religious values.

I sought out my great and trustworthy adviser, the Holy Spirit. After praying and fasting, I started searching online for the right institution using the words: ‘Best Christian University.’ Soon, I came upon Ohio Christian University, and I feel the Lord has fulfilled my quest.

Years ago when war erupted in my native country, I was forced to abandon everything. I took refuge with my children for five years in another country in arduous conditions before resettling in Chicago. I am a strong woman and will remain so, no matter how harsh life’s circumstances.

In my native country, I had studied law and management of organizations. Now, I tell my children I must go back to school to provide them a quality future. Being a refugee is temporary. I am returning to learning to become more efficient for the mission the Lord is calling me—to empower African women and promote self-sufficiency in food production to fight hunger and to propel economic development.

When I am tired and feel despair, one particular of our Lord’s verses comforts me, Psalm 32:8 (NIV): “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

Since I began my OCU AGS classes, every day convinces me I have made the right choice. We have a weekly devotion that enables me to start the week with faith. I know success is not only related to academic knowledge but also to the knowledge of God.

I am earning a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and a master’s degree in agribusiness. I want to refine my skills to succeed in my calling to lead women as a good manager. I plan to gain knowledge in agribusiness because I need to understand and master this discipline to help African farmers, especially women, to live decently from their hard work and to win the fight against poverty and hunger. I already have two structures working in Africa and am on track for achieving these purposes.

My education is essential. It enables me to transform my natural gifts into expertise I can apply to my community. My continuing education is for my work, not for my job. As Dr. Myles Monroe says, “Your work is what you are born for, and your job is what you are paid for.” I am on track for my work. I especially want to demonstrate to my children that, with faith, determination, and action, everything is possible.

OCU’s AGS courses are very dense but also very professional. In less than a month, I am making impressive progress. The AGS staff is extraordinary. The first time I talked with my recruiter, Janice Chilcote, a natural symbiosis occurred. She always cares for me, and we pray for each other! She's a great, awesome person. Just before I started my program, Janice assured me that, in addition to federal assistance, I would also receive financial support from OCU, and that is what has happened! I am grateful and so thankful that I can study stress-free. It is a blessing!