Information Technology & Data Analytics Degrees Open Doors to World-Changing Jobs

Ohio Christian University’s Information Technology and Data Analytics degrees train students for high-tech careers in today’s ever-changing environment. By offering both a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics, OCU prepares students to meet all the challenges in these continually growing and evolving fields.

The Information Technology major teaches students to integrate information technology with business management and equips them to plan, implement, and support information systems. With a Data Analytics degree, students learn to identify various analyses available for different data sets, communicate with enterprise stakeholders, evaluate ethical issues in data analysis, integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making, and apply management principles in working with people and processes within their organizations.

OCU’s IT degree programs use the latest Information Technology software, including MySQL Workbench, DrJava, various data analytics tools, and simulation training software through TestOut. The TestOut simulator trains students on the most up-to-date operating systems and networking protocols, which is cutting-edge and continuously updated based on advancements within the discipline.

OCU’s instructors are talented experts with professional experience and academic credentials. Based on their real-world experience and professional backgrounds, they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide students with a top-quality education.

A key advantage this online learning offers students is flexibility to move forward in careers while earning their degrees. Degreed students can analyze user data and technology needs, evaluate current and emerging technologies, and create effective project plans. The program integrates Christian principles into critical thinking and decision-making, enabling graduates to apply best-practice management principles while working effectively in today’s complex organizations.

According to Lead Instructor Josh Eaton, “Enrolling in OCU’s Data Analytics or Information Technology program will be one of the smartest moves you can make in your educational journey. ‘Big data’ and information technology are used every day in changing the world. Do you want to participate in this exciting and rewarding opportunity? Both programs offer enthusing prospects as you prepare to enter a competitive job market.” OCU’s Information Technology and Data Analytics degrees provide requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to thrive in the private or public sector industries. 

IT major Eve Kunkel shares her view about the program: “It begins with OCU investing in professors with significant experience and top-notch training and knowledge. One of my instructors, for example, learned his profession at MIT. My experience as a major confirms the program challenges students. Troubleshooting, for example, is an essential needed skill. This program makes troubleshooting interactive and intriguing, incenting students to want to learn more and enjoy this work in the process.

“OCU offers support and fellowship not found in other schools’ programs. The interaction and fellowship have a positive influence. Classes provide stimulating challenges. Instructors encourage questions, understanding of our struggle to master content. They want us to succeed and are available anytime to dialogue about courses. Versatile classes enable gaining knowledge in many IT areas which will be an asset since employers seek graduates with specific knowledge and problem-solving skills. This is a great program.”

Information Technology and Data Analytics are growing evolving fields that require highly-educated professionals. Possibilities for rewarding employment are vast for those with a degree and training. OCU’s Information Technology and Data Analytics degree programs offer the education and training needed to become a valued IT professional. Both programs make graduates extremely competitive in a high-impact profession.

Today’s digital economy requires professionals with an array of skills to support computer and software systems that drive enterprises in every industry. The employment outlook is very positive as demand will remain high for IT professionals. For instance, projected employment growth through 2026 for computer systems managers is 12%. Many national professional associations support networking and development of male and female IT professionals.

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