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Marketing and Consumer Behavior Degree Opens Doors

The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Ohio Christian University provides students with insight into human behavior, emphasizing what motivates consumers to buy products and services. Students gain the knowledge needed for developing effective consumer segmentation, the starting point in all marketing strategies, programs, and campaigns. Graduates can articulate the psychology, analyze the motivations, and create effective marketing strategies based on an understanding of both consumer behavior and marketing.

The degree adds value by providing a mix of business, psychology, and marketing learning. Elsewhere programs only focus on one discipline, such as marketing, but our Marketing and Consumer Behavior program covers the spectrum of needed knowledge in today’s digital age.  Program professors have experience in analyzing consumer behavior and are passionate about the discipline. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for consumer behavior and customer insight specialists shows a 19% increase, and for marketing careers, it is expected to increase 9%.

The Marketing and Consumer Behavior degree teaches students to understand why consumers buy products and services and to enjoy the challenge of ethically persuading consumers to select preferred offerings. Students learn why and how to identify consumer needs, wants, and preferences and to use the best ways and channels to communicate desired choices to entice consumers to purchase products and services.

Consumer behavior requires astute analysis so businesses can succeed in selling into and expanding target markets. A degree in marketing and consumer behavior is a skill set useful for companies seeking to expand their reach in local and global markets. Knowing consumer behavior well provides businesses a competitive advantage. Graduates know how to discover and apply critical information, so employers compete more effectively.

According to Marketing Lead Affiliate Professor Stephanie Grimes, “Mobile communications and the internet have impacted consumers’ shopping behavior. Those who can look at all the factors and accurately predict a situation or response to various products or services will succeed in business as emerging technologies evolve.”

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Walmart use data gathering tools to understand better consumers and competitors who use online platforms to reach global markets. Businesses benefit from knowing what influences consumer buying, including the consumers’ ages and generations, income and education levels, and perceptions and opinions about specific products and services. Each consumer’s preferences, standards, and cultural characteristics are unique. Marketers who understand these attributes are better able to entice consumers to purchase while building brand loyalty.

The digital age is impacting the world as much as did the industrial revolution. Multinational firms are processing massive amounts of information to find advantages over competitors. Consumer awareness of values, diversity of their preferences, and the immense quantity of consumers cause companies to tune their marketing strategies and operations to match consumer expectations. Marketers who understand consumer behavior are equipped to help their employers to adapt and succeed. Knowing the influence of demographics, such as location, generation, and education, on brand preferences is increasingly crucial for success.

Student Victoria Litteral attests, “The courses are useful and beneficial. Taking these courses hasn't seemed like work. I work as a marketing coordinator and apply what I learn in my job. My professor gives me positive feedback. When I’ve turned in a good paper, she shows me what I can to do to make it even better. Having expert feedback helps me to apply the knowledge I am acquiring. In my Marketing Concepts course, I developed a marketing plan. Then, I was able to develop a plan for my employer. The marketing department used it, and we are creating a plan for the coming year. It has been a wonderful opportunity to learn marketing.” 

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