OCU Partnership Doubles Enrollment at Georgia Campus

Ohio Christian University is excited to announce a new partnership with two high schools located in Georgia and Alabama. The partnership allows those students to also attend Ohio Christian University, allowing us opportunities to minister to students we may not have reached otherwise. In the first week after this announcement, more than 125 students began classes at the Morrow, Georgia site and online, effectively doubling enrollment at OCU Morrow. 

When GPSA/APSA Founder Michael Carson was asked to describe what the new partnership means to him, he said, “It’s unexplainable. We are blessed to have the opportunity to be affiliated with Ohio Christian University for the educational component of our sports program. I am looking forward to growing the partnership.”

Morrow Campus Dean Dr. Shawn Thomas said, “This partnership is a win-win. OCU is blessed to have a part in enrolling such talented young men in a program that will bless them holistically. The partnership allows each student to use their God-given gifts to simultaneously grow spiritually, play sports, and excel academically.”

The Morrow campus opened its doors in September 2013 to 13 students. Since then, the campus has experienced exponential growth and has started more than 340 students. It is expected to exceed 400 starts for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

About OCU

Ohio Christian University is committed to offering a complete education that develops students intellectually, professionally and spiritually. OCU offers degree programs for residential undergraduate students, graduate students, and adult and online students. Every program is designed to equip students to become leaders in their careers, communities, families, and the world.