Proud OCU Grad Shares Her Story

At Ohio Christian University, we value our student’s time, so we put a priority on flexible and convenient options for obtaining a degree.

Sara Row, proud OCU graduate and current Adult and Graduate Studies staff member, shares how she accomplished one of her life’s goals by obtaining her degree through OCU’s Bachelor of Business Management Online.

By taking just one class at a time, OCU enabled Sara to “really focus all my attention one class,” instead of being “unable to give each class my all because I was juggling so many different classes.”

Sara said that in the past she would “get easily overwhelmed” with the stress of getting everything done — school work, home life, and work.

According to Sarah, the thing she really loved about OCU’s online program was the ability “to easily schedule school into my life — not schedule my life around school.”

At Ohio Christian University we value your time — your schedule is our priority. By having flexible and convenient options available, we make sure every student has the opportunity to succeed.

The decision to go back to school or to start your degree can be tough, but Sara had some advice, "Just go for it! The sooner you start working on your degree, the sooner you'll be done! There will always be things going on in your life that you can use as an excuse to not go back to school, so if you wait until the 'perfect time,' that may not ever happen. Take a step of faith and just go for it."

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