27th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament Extends Fine Tradition

The Ohio Christian University (OCU) 2018 Scholarship Golf Tournament occurred on Oct. 5 at Cooks Creek Golf Course continuing a decades-long tradition of the scholarship endowment fund for worthy students.

A cool breeze braced 25 foursomes who—in high spirits—tackled the intriguing Huzdan & Fry-designed course for this annual charity fundraiser.

The best-ball scramble provided plenty of best-shot opportunities for the enthusiastic competitors.  After the round, OCU Vice President of Advancement Bill Pugh recounted the hitting highlights as players enjoyed a luncheon that Buffalo Wild Wings provided in the course clubhouse.

Pugh noted, in good humor to the players’ amusement and laughter, that “the last half hour of play was pretty spectacular. I saw some of the most amazing shots in my lifetime. Particularly, the big tree on the par-three 15th hole proved to have an invaluable role in assisting one shooter’s ball to land within feet of the hole, which he then tapped in for a birdy.”

Pugh acknowledged each of the tournament’s many corporate sponsors, recognizing especially the course hosts Jim and Kathy Cook, along with Buster and Pam Tucker, and Jonah and Donna Mitchell for their long-time dedication in supporting this important charity event. Jonah, an OCU alumna, gave everyone a copy of her new inspirational book, The Rocks Come with the Farm:  How to Prepare for, Plow through, and Profit from Touch Times.

OCU President Jon Kulaga expressed the University’s appreciation to all the supporters, sharing that “this is a great foundation to build on. Thank you all. At OCU, we are meeting the challenge for Christian higher education to continue to provide the best spiritual formation. We compete in providing career enhancement, job training, and raising their standard of living. Where we are excelling is in providing Christian spiritual formation with a quality education that enables graduates to live fully-Christian lives well. Like a farm tractor that pulls plows to produce crops, OCU is a tractor that provides quality majors that enable our graduates to contribute productively to society while spreading the ‘salt and light’ of Christianity. ”

Circleville Mayor McIlroy led the top-performing team. Buster Tucker made the longest drive.  Jonah Mitchell hit closest to the pin.  While Craig Yates made the longest putt.

Ohio Christian University greatly appreciates the continuing generosity, camaraderie, and goodwill of this tournament’s sponsors and donors!

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