Spotlight: Larry & Joanne Powell

A college degree in engineering lifted my father and grandparents from near poverty. They knew the meaning of sacrifice, and my grandmother, all of five feet tall, would not take no for an answer when she chose a college for my father and said he was going to Ohio Northern. For my father, it would become a life-long passion for education and a loyalty to the college which so greatly benefited him, and later, those of his children.My father’s “home version” of a scholarship started with the education of his three children. As each of his grandchildren was born, their college funds were created. It was considered one of the most important parts of their inheritance from Grandpa. None dared to question if college was an option for them.My father was a loyal giver to his college, as well as my mother’s (the same as mine), and my sister’s. He helped to establish a scholarship fund for minorities at my brother’s alma mater. By the time he passed away, he had established scholarships at three different universities.Larry and I can do no less than carry on that legacy of giving by establishing a scholarship at Ohio Christian University. Through the years we have understood the tremendous advantage of a college degree, and we wholly support Christian education that teaches with a Christ-centered worldview.In a time when truth is treated as optional, or nonexistent, the need for a Christian education becomes more urgent.Sadly, the need for tuition resources becomes an obstacle for some students, and that is where we can all help. Establishing a student scholarship can make the difference in the lives of so many students who may not be able to apply or stay in school until their degree is completed. These fine young men and women need to see first-hand the faithfulness of giving from those who have already been blessed.

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