Support the Otto and Oliver Hicks Scholarship Fund!

The Otto and Oliver Hicks Scholarship has been established to memorialize the two children of Ohio Christian University Professor Thad Hicks and his wife Sarah and to provide a vehicle for financial support for OCU students.  Dr. Hicks is Director of the University's Emergency and Disaster Management program. 

On August 31, 2017, twins Otto William and Oliver Roy Hicks came into the world 15 weeks early.  With such an early arrival, the boys immediately faced many challenges and were ultimately too fragile in their health to survive. 

Thad and Sarah explain their rationale for establishing this memorial scholarship:

"As we have continued to deal with the trauma of losing our boys, we have been prayerfully considering ways to keep their memory alive. We wanted to do something that would take the impact of their short lives well into the future.  As a result, we decided to set up a scholarship at Ohio Christian University in their honor.  We believe deeply in the mission of the school to transform leaders of tomorrow in the image of Christ.  Considering the expense of a college education, we know many students can use the extra help.

"Many close friends and family have reached out to us over the past 11 months and expressed a desire to help.  Though there are few things that honestly help us in our grief, this is a touching way to honor our boys while helping shape generations to come."

To contribute to the twins' scholarship fund, please click Give Today and selection your gift designation for The Otto and Oliver Hicks Scholarship.  Your thoughtful, generous gift is most sincerely appreciated.

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