On October 27, the Office of Student Development hosted “Stampede,” an evening event for men focused on biblical masculinity and community development.  The event featured fun activities such as axe throwing, corn hole, and spike ball as well as a cook-out spread by Grill-Master David Diaz of Holy Smokes BBQ out of Chicago, Illinois.  The evening focus was a keynote address from Ohio Christian University President, Dr. Jon Kulaga, and faculty-led discussion groups.

Over 100 men from the student body gathered with University faculty, staff, and administration for a time of fellowship, competition, and food. The purpose of the gathering was to develop community together and wrestle with “What God Requires of Men.”  The evening discussion was kicked off by Kulaga, as he provided four points to consider: that men seeking after God are “Alert to the temptations of the enemy, Armed for Kingdom work, Accurate in holding to Truth, and Act on behalf of others.”

“In today’s culture, there are many confusing messages and negative stereotypes being thrown around regarding what it means to be 'a man'.  Therefore, it is essential that as a Christian university, we do all we can to make sure the men on our campus have opportunities to come together to learn about what it means to be 'real' men (husband, brother, father) from a Biblical perspective,” said  Kulaga, adding, “Proclaiming this positive vision of Biblical manhood is not just a felt need – it is a real need – for our families, our churches and society.”

Kevin Bennie, Director of Spiritual Formation and Student Life, expressed: "Now, more than ever, the church needs to give true pictures of life as it was meant to be. Men, in particular young men, need a vision for true, committed, faithful, and righteous living. This is why we need events like Stampede to create a space to challenge, equip, and walk with young men toward a biblical vision for the future."

“Stampede was amazing. I got to see so many of my brothers having fun, talking about God, and becoming more aware what the world is trying to do against us. The message was so powerful; God is so good for uniting all of us through Stampede!” – Chris Hupp, Sophomore.

“Stampede was a fun experience that I got to enjoy with my closest friends.  I really enjoyed the axe throwing and good food.  It was cool to see Dr. Kulaga speak on biblical masculinity and to be able to connect in small groups with faculty afterwards.  I am happy that I decided to go!” – Zachary Maynard, Senior.

“The food was amazing, the environment was great, and there was always something to do. Stampede really showcased the diversity of both students and faculty.  It was also a great way to outreach to the student body and get participation from every group on campus.  It reminded me a lot of youth group, just this was for adults.  I highly recommend doing this event again soon!” – Anden Kallies, Freshman.

Student Development is excited to begin planning next years Stampede event.