Bridge Tutoring Helps Students!

Bridge Tutoring Center Helps Students

The Bridge Tutoring Center is a place where students improve!  The Bridge's mission is to motivate and equip students to meet the demands of a university education. The Bridge is located on the second floor of the Dean and Diana Hickman Student Center, and it is staffed with certified tutors and academic coaches trained to assist students in meeting their academic goals. 

Course-specific tutors are available by appointment and at established study tables.  Tutors have successfully completed the courses for which they tutor and are familiar with their course syllabi and curricula.  They are prepared and willing to help students by assessing their learning styles and offering varying study skills and strategies.  They will review lesson material and homework and assist in breaking down and planning for assignments.  Tutors also conduct exam review sessions for midterms and final exams. 

Academic coaches are trained initially as tutors. Later they are trained to assist students in a broader scope.  Academic coaches conduct sessions by appointment and work with students to help them develop their time management and project planning skills.  These skills not only assist students in their academic environment, but also help them broadly since they can readily apply these skills in their workplaces and homes. 

The Bridge also conducts the Academic Success course PS097 and works with the 504 compliance officer to facilitate student accommodations.  The Director of Tutoring Services serves as the testing officer. 

The Bridge is a comfortable place where students may work with other students to improve their study habits, time management skills, and planning abilities while building enjoyable relationships with tutors and coaches who truly care about their success!  

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