8th Annual Small Business Round Table

Business Roundtable Offers Great Advice

Ohio Christian University’s School of Business & Government® hosted their 8th annual Small Business Round Table on Thursday, November 1, 2018, at the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center, the University's facility for business development and innovation.

This event brought together over eighty students and four small business owners. The discussion focused on starting and managing a small business. Business executives at this year’s Round Table were Jesse Lear and Travis Smith, founders of V.I.P Waste Services; Mike Cessna, owner of My Auto Care, Bella Freight, and Redline Wear; and Pat Miller, owner and executive director of Pure International Pageants.

Students engaged in lively discussion with these panelists, asking many questions applicable to their business development interests. The panelists emphasized the importance of character, hard work, time management, finding your passion, and discipline as significant aspects of success in owning a business and working effectively in such organizations.  Sound business management advice they shared includes:

“Make sure you have great mentors in your life. Don’t just make yourself knowledgeable about a specific role you are seeking within an organization, make sure you are knowledgeable about all the moving parts of the organization.” – Pat Miller, Pure International Pageants

“Do not let your age hold you back, keep your passion because seasoned professionals will see the value in that.” – Travis Smith, V.I.P Waste Services

“Keep your business cards and make friends. Relationships and loyalty are so important when you are networking and building your business.” – Jesse Lear, V.I.P Waste Services

“Starting a company comes down to time management. What things are you following? Things that are going to help you and encourage you? What things are you spending your time on that will help and grow who you are? It is so important to find good people to work with and to work for you that you can trust.” – Mike Cessna, My Auto Care, Bella Freight, and Redline Wear

Many attending students are working on business plans for the University's annual Business Plan Competition with a $10,000 Award for the top winner.  The competition is held each spring semester. The Round Table is particularly helpful and informative for the students in the creation of their competitive business plans.

The School places a high value of the importance of practical learning which is why individuals that have been successful in their fields of business are continually invited to campus to speak with students.

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