Israel Knesset's Deputy Speaker Meets with OCU Students

Mr. Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of Israel’s legislature, the Knesset, addressed students during Ohio Christian University’s School of Business & Government’s Distinguished Speakers Series event on October 9. Later that evening he spoke in the Ministry and Performing Arts Center to area residents and Ohio Christian University staff and faculty members.

Mr. Bar noted that 2018 is the 70th anniversary of Israel's nationhood as he spoke about Ohio’s and Israel’s long-standing partnership. “I am here to celebrate this anniversary and to speak about our alliance and friendship with the United States and Ohio,” he said.

Bar discussed Israel’s challenges in the Middle East, how the United States is helping, and how the Israeli Leadership Institution is working to support leaders. “It’s important to make sure that the next generation of Israeli leaders is committed to our relationship with the United States,” he said.

Bar said he enjoyed meeting OCU students and their vigorous engagement during his visit. “They asked great questions. They are educated well. It was amazing. Some have been to Israel. I spoke about a half an hour and took questions and answers for that long.”

Bar wishes for continuing support of Israel. “Joint ventures between Ohio and Israel are very good. We’re testing collaboration between OCU and the ILI now. We hope to bring the ILI method to OCU and many U.S. corporations. Our continuing collaboration strengthens Israel.”

“We know we have friends here. You understand how important restoration of the Jewish homeland is. We feel it every day,” Bar said. “With this tour, I feel how important it is to have friends like you in the United States. The Holy Land is our homeland, and we should practice a free and democratic state.”

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