Student Profile: Kaleb Blevins Pursues His Calling

By Amber Ginter ‘19

Ohio Christian University (OCU) senior Kaleb Blevins has embraced a calling beyond his chosen vocation. Graduating a year early with a degree in Sports and Business Management, Blevins is dedicated to many volunteer activities. Participating and leading in faith-focused programs is his calling.

Blevins leads a Bible study at Bloom Carol’s Catalyst High School and participates in an Apprenticeship at Grace Fellowship that inform his higher education. Having a passion for youth, playing and teaching piano, coaching and playing soccer, and leading groups, Blevins finds a balance between vocation and calling. He asserts that “Who we are as Christians should permeate our calling regardless of what it is. Our calling is what Jesus wants for us. What our particular vocation is doesn’t matter without it.”

This summer Blevins volunteered at Momentum youth camp while playing for Indiana Saints’ soccer team and working, revealing ‘fruits of the spirit’ that OCU encourages. Practicing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control, he sets an example like Jesus.

For Blevins, playing soccer as a college athlete was enjoyable. He learned not only from academic study and athletics, but also gained a “strengthening of my worldview. I want to be a good example for kids. I had that positive influence and want to be so for them. People poured into my life. It’s important to do the same for others, no matter what my vocation is.”

Blevins’ job prospects may be uncertain, but his life goal isn’t: “We should always strive and seek to love others, basing actions on how Jesus would respond.” He encourages being authentic. He strives for his Bible study groups to be full of discussion, honesty, and implementation. “God has given me an ability to serve high school and younger kids. I converse well with them. God’s given me gifts to lead and pour into their lives.”

Blevins does not yet know what his job future holds, but he does know and trust the One who does. OCU prepared him well for that greater calling.  

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