Students Tour NYC Financial District during Wall Street Experience

Students in Ohio Christian University’s School of Business & Government undergraduate program recently participated in the annual “Wall Street Experience” in New York City.

The itinerary included visiting the Statue of Liberty where the School’s Dean and Professor Monty Lobb highlighted Ellis Island’s history as an immigration center. The students also toured Wall Street’s famed architectural wonders: the New York Stock Exchange, The House of Morgan, learning about Wall Street’s history, the Dutch founding of New York City, and its significance as the nation’s first capital.

An addition to the trip is the Federal Reserve Gold Vault where students learned about the role of the New York Fed and the Federal Reserve System in setting monetary policy, promoting financial stability, and serving communities to advance economic growth.

Students heard from Mizuho Securities’ executive director of credit sales, observed bond traders in action, and met with the managing director of Morgan Stanley’s wealth management, and toured Bloomberg’s headquarters where they discovered how the Bloomberg terminal operates.

Reverend B. J. Weber, president and director of the New York Fellowship, invited the group to his mid-town Manhattan home where he discussed five important disciplines to serve others in a persevering way: 1) Discipline of the Word: Jesus and scriptures, 2) Discipline of the mind, 3) Discipline of the heart: God knows your heart, 4) Discipline of spiritual companionship: friends we love and care for and with whom we share our struggles and fears, and 5) Discipline of Christian service.

The Wall Street Experience enables students to interact with leaders of Wall Street firms and other organizations to discuss how investment theory and practice coincide to affect the United States’ and other nations’ economies.

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