Raking yards during Community Action Day

2018 Community Action Day Delivers a Win-Win!

Ohio Christian University students practiced service-above-self on their Ralph C. Starkey Community Action Day (CAD) again this year, vitalizing the University’s mission of benefiting others through acts of service that build and strengthen character.

Students contributed their time and energy in 26 projects ranging from singing in nursing homes to clearing a golf course after the Scioto River flooded many of its fairways and holes.

Student teams cleaned front yards, beatified parks and downtown streets, washed windows, mulched yards and flowerbeds, and cleaned out barns, creating a memorable day of selfless service.


The following gallery highlights some of these projects:

South Bloomfield Residence - Students raked leaves and picked up fallen branches and debris from the yard of a widow who has difficulty doing the cleanup herself.

Ohio/Erie Canal Park - Students power-washed and painted park benches, trimmed bushes, and cleaned up debris from the roadside.

Cooks Creek Golf Course - Students picked up and bagged plastic bottles, rubber balls, and wood debris that littered the holes, fairways, and cart paths throughout this scenic course.



Pike County Community Action - Students assisted with yard mulching, moving furniture, and cleaning Head Start vans. Staff appreciated the students’ help with “spring cleaning.”

Village of Williamsport - Students picked up debris, raked, swept, and spruced up the village park, readying it for the season. Students also removed fallen branches, raked, and cleaned the village’s cemetery that honors fallen veterans.

Logan Elm Health Care - Students visited this nursing home, tidying up surrounding grounds and finishing new landscaping that was recently begun.



Circleville First Church -The students did landscaping and wallpaper removal for the church, and traveled to another church property to continue working on  landscaping.

Bed Brigade - Students and staff cleaned out and organized the workshop, putting up wood to better insulate the space and practiced building a bed.

Pickaway County Library - Students cleaned windows and dusted bookshelves. Library staff welcomed the students with warm smiles and gave them many thanks!



Wyngate Senior Living Community  - Ohio Christian University Chorale performed for residents. One resident, especially touched, sang with the choir. Residents’ smiles beamed appreciation for the performance!



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