Trunk-or-Treat Brings Big Smiles!

Ohio Christian University's Maxwell Center parking lot was filled with hundreds of smiling Trunk-or-Treaters on October 23 as the University hosted many neighbors and friends at its annual Halloween fun fest.

As ever, the children showed delight in the Trunk-or-Treat destinations and games, engendering another memorable time for the young-at-heart.

Families moved about the parking lot lined with cars with Halloween-style decorated trunks, collecting candy and playing games.

OCU students, staff, and faculty enjoy bringing this happy and safe experience to the Pickaway County community.

Participants proffered a variety of delicious treats from the many decorated vehicle trunks.

"It's always a 'terrific' evening! We have lots of fun sharing Halloween this way," declared a smiling, costumed staff member.

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