Dewey Meets Montessori in OCU Teacher Education!

Ohio Christian University’s Teacher Education is really something unique! Students combine time-proven methods to stimulate holistic learning that addresses the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and young people.

What’s so special about this program? By practicing blended techniques invented by keystone pioneers of early and secondary education, student teachers learn to create dynamic, exciting environments conducive of productive learning. They learn OCU’s best-practice approach to elementary and secondary teaching that meets state standardized testing.

John Dewey meets Maria Montessori in OCU Teacher Education’s teaching methodology which students begin practicing early on. Montessori’s method focuses on enabling young children to overcome learning and development disabilities. Teachers use hands-on techniques that stimulate growth through encouraging development of each child’s inner tendencies, aptitudes, and interests.

Dewey—renowned for his philosophy of pragmatic learning by exploring and adapting to understand the environment and be successful—approaches pedagogy through providing inclusive, interdisciplinary exposure to the arts and sciences: from biology to literature, chemistry to music, to psychology and vocational skills development.

Applying Dewey and Montessori, OCU’s Teacher Education equips new teachers to deliver benefits of hands-on learning to their students, eschewing the pitfalls of drill-and-practice and rote memorization methods that fail to address the whole student, and instead build in their pupils self-learning abilities that ultimately enrich their lives.

“Our constructivist pedagogy enables children to truly learn and interact with the material. They are not learning how to take a test—they are learning how to think critically for themselves,” explains Teacher Education Department Chair, Valerie Jones. 

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