Disaster Management Available Online

Students and professionals interested in Disaster Management can now earn credits online through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. The popularity and success of the Disaster Management program on the traditional campus prompted expansion through the Disaster Management and Relief concentration, available with a Bachelor of Arts in Business as well as a Disaster Management and Relief certificate, available alone or combined with other, non-business-related bachelor’s degrees.

“There is a real need for someone who is trained and educated in emergency / disaster management. The market for this degree is growing,” said Thaddeus Hicks, Professor of Disaster Management. “As more and more organizations realize that they need a dedicated person to oversee their preparedness for hazards, we will continue to be able to place students in the field.”

Job opportunities for Disaster Management graduates include federal, state, or local government; faith-based organizations; non-profit organizations; pastoral ministry; and missions.

Garrett vonBerge, a recent graduate, knows his Disaster Management degree will set him apart in his goal to become a firefighter. 

“A degree is not required to pursue a career in the fire industry. However, if I want to move up in the ranks and become a captain and eventually a chief, many departments require at least a bachelor's degree.” vonBerge said. “Not only will I have a bachelor's degree; my degree will relate to my field of work.”

In addition to providing Disaster Management and Relief students with the credentials, education, and experience they need to succeed in the field, OCU maintains its commitment to preparing Christian servants. VonBerge explained that disaster management professionals often see people at their weakest, so it’s important to have the hope that Christ provides.

“The best thing we can do as Christians is show the love of Christ to these people by our actions: giving them a hot meal, being a listening ear, providing a blanket or shelter,” vonBerge said.