Emergency Management Program Serves at 9/11 Service

Emergency Management students from Ohio Christian University took time last Friday to serve first responders and community members at a 9/11 remembrance service in Circleville Ohio. 

On the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies, Crossroads Church in Circleville hosted its annual "Lest We Forget" event.  The vision of the event is to honor first responders and military personnel who put their lives on the line every day for the safety and freedom of this country. With that in mind, the Ohio Christian University Disaster Services vehicle and OCU Emergency Management students were on hand to assist in the serving of food and water to families and first responders alike. Disaster Management Alumnus and current staff member of Crossroads Church, Ethan Allen, stated "As a former emergency management student and New Yorker, these attacks have always held a special place for me.”  Leaders from throughout the area have guaranteed to keep this type of event going for many years to come.  Ethan added, “I love how this community comes together and not only keeps the memory alive, but also honors those who fight to make sure nothing like that happens again.”

Ohio Christian University’s Emergency Disaster Response truck exists to serve the community in times of emergency and disaster.  There have been few events in the last generation that have affected the country like the events of 9/11, and people are still dealing with it.  Ohio Christian University and its emergency management students vow to continue serving humanity in Christ’s name whether as a first responder, or 14 years later, as a community continues to struggle with this terrible event.     

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