Emergency Management Students Participate in Full-Scale Emergency Exercise

The Pickaway County Emergency Management Office in conjunction with The State Emergency Management Office conducted a full-scale Pickaway County emergency exercise on Thursday May 11th. The purpose of the exercise was to ensure that an adequate emergency response plan exists at the county level, and to assure that first responders are prepared for anything that may strike the county. This year’s exercise involved a simulated hazardous material release that occurred on the Circleville City Schools property causing a lock down of the High School and the evacuation of the elementary.

According to OCU Chief of Security, Tyler Payne, “Ohio Christian University has been designated as an evacuation location for the elementary.” Payne added, “Situations like this allow Circleville Schools to practice what they would do in an emergency, while also allowing us to see what it looks like here on campus.”

The University has been involved since the planning stage of this emergency exercise event. The initial impetus of the participation was as a real life component of the Emergency Management program. A part of the student requirement for many of the required courses is participation in at least one emergency exercise. Several OCU emergency Management students participated and filled multiple roles at the event including, Kathryn Kelly, Jerica Donald, Olivia Coleman and Logan Ashcraft. OCU Emergency Management Director, Dr. Thad Hicks acted as the Emergency Exercise Director, and Criminal Justice Director, Sean Lovell served as an exercise evaluator at the event.

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