Spring Semester 2019 in Italy

Experience Spring Semester 2019 in Italy!

OCUOnline Plus is partnering with Saints Bible Institute (SBI) to provide students an opportunity to spend a semester in Italy. In the spring of 2019, the semester-long trip will enable students to achieve personal growth, mission training, and intensive learning as they study and explore with a community of learners.

“This semester of study in Italy will expand students’ horizons as they interact with Italians, SBI’s faith-filled faculty, and fellow students from across the United States. Participants will be able to walk the same paths as Apostle Paul, sit in Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, and enjoy the beauty of Venice,” explains Dr. Bradford Sample, OCU Associate Provost and Vice President.

SBI’s curriculum, provided in intensive one or two-week courses, covers various subjects and experiences, enabling students to earn 16 hours of college credits that fulfill requirements of their OCUOnline Plus program. For example, the SBI Fine Arts course brings a week’s coursework to life with tours through Rome, Florence, and Venice, guided by OCUOnline Plus faculty and SBI staff.

For more information about this Plus opportunity, please contact Academic Program Director Dr. Lynn Lease or visit http://www.saintsbibleinstitute.org/ocuonline-plus-sbi/.

About OCUOnline Plus

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About Saints Bible Institute

Saints Bible Institute is an accredited study-abroad program based in northeastern Italy, north of Venice. The program is open to American college-age or gap-year students interested in deepening their Christian faith and understanding Italian life and culture. The curriculum, offered in intensive one or two-week courses, delves into missions, church planting, Biblical studies, and art history. SBI coursework guides students through Italy’s most famous cities, regional artisans, and landmarks.

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