OCU Scholars Day

OCU Scholars Day 2018 Has Big Winners!

Each year Ohio Christian University conducts a Scholar’s Day where applicants compete for over $300,000 worth of scholarships.

Scholars Day provides an opportunity to compete for the Creative Communities Scholarship, the Ohio's Future Scholarship and the Homeschool Excellence Scholarship, which are each worth $50,000 and guarantee a coveted internship position. Also awarded is OCU’s highest scholarship, the Distinguished Trailblazer Scholarship, which covers all tuition costs for a four year degree.

During Scholars Day, students compete for the full-ride tuition scholarship to OCU through an interview process.  They attend a mock class covering a variety of subjects.  The most impressive and highest rated student scholar is selected to receive the Distinguished Trailblazer Scholarship.

To register for Scholars Day individuals apply to Ohio Christian University's residential undergraduate program and for either the Creative Communities Scholarship, Ohio's Future Scholarship, or the Homeschool Excellence Scholarship.  They may also qualify for a Provost’s or Presidential Scholarship.

OCU staff present an overview of scholarship information for applicants’ parents.  Each applicant submits an application, essay, and reference letter, and participates in an interview and mock classes.

2018 OCU Scholarships Winners

Distinguished Trailblazer Scholarship:
Gracie Craig

Ohio’s Future Scholarship: 
Elijah Craft


Homeschool Excellence Scholarship:
Michael Horton

Homeschool Excellence Scholarship:
Alayna Hall


Creative Communities Scholarship:
Isaiah Pauley

Creative Communities Scholarship:
Hannah Pratt



For more information click on Scholars Day.

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