Chapel Speaker Touts Value of Liberal Arts Education

By Cynthia Tweedell, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Rick Bartlett, Director of Theological Education at Tabor College spoke at Ohio Christian University’s Chapel Service on Wednesday, October 31. He encouraged students to value their liberal arts education as the best way to prepare for the future.

Dr. Bartlett reminded students of the speed with which technology has changed in their lifetimes. They can recall YouTube videos that were so influential a few years ago but have run their course. Likewise, many jobs like telemarketer, paralegal, and fast food cook are soon likely to become extinct, replaced by technology. Many jobs that are in high demand today did not exist a few years ago. 

“How can a college student best prepare for a rapidly changing world with new opportunities that are unknown today?” asks Bartlett. “A liberal arts education is the best defense against becoming obsolete. The perspectives gained in liberal arts courses promote skills like communication, critical thinking and problem solving, which are always in demand.”

Dr. Bartlett encouraged students to not think in terms of how they will use what they are learning in their liberal arts courses, but how their learning will change the way they see the world.




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