Guest Poet and OCU Alumnus Adam Hughes Leads Students in a Scripture-Inspired Poetry Workshop

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the Ohio Christian University (OCU) Library and English Department partnered together to host OCU alumnus and poet Adam Hughes for a poetry reading, book signing, and poetry writing workshop.  Nearly 200 OCU students, faculty, and staff participated in the creative writing workshop. Hughes challenged students to use Scripture as the foundation for a relevant creative poetic expression of their own.

Students responded well to Hughes’s challenge. Miranda Bobst, a freshman English Composition student and Writing Center tutor, described the workshop as a “refreshing way to encourage creative writing”; she deemed the workshop “a huge success in reminding students that there is nothing you can’t do when writing with a creative license.” She particularly appreciated the Scripture-based approach to the workshop. “I absolutely love to incorporate scripture into any writing whenever I can,” Bobst said. “It was really eye-opening to see that you can write based on Scripture and, with the creative license, take those words out of the original context to create your own piece. It encouraged me to think even more outside the box.” 

 In addition to the workshops, Hughes shared poems from several of his published books. His poetry, inspired by Scripture and his everyday experiences, is poignant and authentic, sometimes eliciting tears and other times laughter. Hughes does not shy away from the reality of the human experience when he writes about love, human relationships, nature and life. Librarian Barbara Meister wrote, “The stunning language and endless variation of Adam’s poems mesmerize, inspiring us to scan our memories and environs for small moments and glimpses of the divine. . . . The inventiveness of the students’ workshop poems is testament to the power of artistry among us.”

Hughes has published three full-length poetry collections:  Allow the Starts to Catch Me When I Rise (2017), Uttering the Holy (2012), and Petrichor (2010).

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