Deputy Thomas takes a selfie with the students beside the new D.A.R.E Hummer

Local D.A.R.E. Officer receives new Hummer

Ohio Christian University had the honor of standing by the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office today as Deputy Dale Thomas received an award for the D.A.R.E program — a new D.A.R.E Hummer with a slick, patriotic paint job — from local nonprofit Hetty’s Hopes and Dreams.

The event was held in the Pickaway County Fairgrounds Colosseum — a warehouse-like space filled with more than 400 students, dozens of local law enforcement, and Deputy Thomas’ family.

Seven bus loads brought more than 400 students, filling the Colosseum bleachers. The excited students could barely contain their excitement, erupting with loud applause for their D.A.R.E Officer, who thought he was attending a fair board meeting, when he entered the building. Moments later, a new Hummer donated by Hetty’s Hopes and Dreams —sporting red, white, and blue colors, a D.A.R.E logo, and other personalized touches including window decals from each of the schools in the county— was driven, lights and music blaring into the building.

Deputy Dale Thomas has served with the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office since 1997 and has served in the D.A.R.E program for 20 years. Deputy Thomas was obviously touched by the gesture and received the award in tears, exclaiming that it was the best-kept secret and that he can’t wait to drive it. He also applauded the county’s D.A.R.E program saying, “We’ve got a really strong D.A.R.E program for Pickaway county, and it’s because of the people in this room. It’s because of the support we have and the community we live in.”

Thank you Deputy Thomas for your service to the Circleville community and the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office; Ohio Christian University is a proud supporter of all law enforcement and first responders.


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