Matt LeRoy Preaching at OCU Fall Revival

Love Chapel Hill's Pastor Invigorates Fall Revival

"Revival has always been a great time of renewal and spiritual refreshment at OCU," declares Rev. Aaron Duvall, Director of Spiritual Formation. "This year we are exceptionally excited to have had Pastor Matt bringing the Word to our students."

Pastor Matt LeRoy is a preacher, church planter, and folk theologian who co-founded Love Chapel Hill, an eclectic church in downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  During OCU's Fall Revival week, Pastor Matt gave inspiring messages during his three-day visit to OCU's main campus, addressing the entire body of students, faculty, and staff.  Spirited alter calls engaged many attending the presentations. 

“Our name is our mission,” Pastor Matt explains. “We want to love Chapel Hill with the heart of Jesus.”

College students, young families, and homeless persons comprise some 200 church members. Love Chapel Hill partners with community outreach services in showing love to the community.

Beyond his work in Chapel Hill, Matt is director of The Circuit, a regional church planting collective.

A graduate of Southern Wesleyan University and Asbury Theological Seminary, Matt is author of Awakening Grace and The Way Forward.  Awakening Grace is a guide to creative Christian discipleship and spiritual practices.  The Way Forward reprises for the current generation the legacy of Wesley, Fletcher, Booth and Asbury, the great holiness movement writers.

Matt’s latest book is The Great Reversal: The Life & Death & Life of Jesus (Seedbed, 2016).

Read more about Pastor Matt’s journey in faith here.




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